Thursday, April 28, 2016

Collecting All the Badges

So this week has been keeping us on our toes. Tuesday, in particular, was special as we managed to have a tball game and the final Cub Scouts ceremony at the exact same time. Typically tball trumps scouts since it's a team sport and what not, but on this one I was torn. Henry had worked hard to catch up on all of his badges (belt loops?) so that he could earn the all important Tiger badge. It's the badge that basically says you completed 1st grade scouts, and having him at the ceremony to receive it seems sorta important.  So I contacted the Cub Scouts leaders and asked exactly what TIME do these awards get handed out?  Turns out it's the last event of the meeting, so if we sprinted from the game as soon as it was over we would likely make it in time to hear his name called. 
So we sprinted!  And we made it! Notice how the Cub Scouts uniform is just hastily thrown on top of the Cardinals uniform.  I buttoned two buttons before Nick and Henry started yelling "GOOD ENOUGH! LET'S GOOOOOO"

A very proud Henry earning his Bobcat badge, his Tiger badge, and like eight other badges because getting caught up is hard and his parents are good at procrastination. (We were gluing a bird house together an hour past bedtime the night before this event... but HE MADE IT!)
A very proud scout!
And another very proud scout earned his Tiger Badge as well.  Love these boys!


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