Saturday, April 23, 2016

Game Ball!

 The Cardinals played on Tuesday night and Henry had a heck of a game.  He hit his first ever double, bringing in two runners, and he had two awesome plays in the outfield to help keep the Cardinals in the game.  In the end, they ended up losing to the White Sox but it was a great game for our boy.
You can see the GoPro video of the game below.  I was about to write that I wonder if other parents think I am insane, what with the pictures and videos and over the top passion for everything surrounding my kid, but I am pretty sure they DO think I am insane, and I am equally as sure that I don't care.  I absolutely love that we have this game on video. They are only little once, right?

Some people (all people) might find it hard (impossible) to tell who is Henry, so I will provide a little commentary to the video :)

1st epic outfield play at 7:38: A ball was hit to center field, all the way at the fence. Henry got it in and held the runner at first.

First ever double at 9:09

2nd epic outfield play at 11:57: You can see they got an out at 2nd on that play and then you can see the outfield coach pick him up in celebration :)

Definitely worth a game ball

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