Monday, April 4, 2016

Safety First: A Story of Me Falling Down (again)

So yesterday Nick and I were doing some spring yard work (I am really proud of us) when Henry asked if he could practice some tball in the back yard. Never one to pass up an opportunity when the child WANTS to practice (or a reason to stop pulling weeds), I said sure!

I started moving gardening tools out of the way because, obviously we don't want the precious child to step on a rake or whatever. SAFETY FIRST and all that.  So I move some basic tools, some dangerous looking piles of weeds (TRIPPING HAZARD) and then I notice the yard waste dumpster was right in the path that would be first base. Can't have that!

I walk over to move the dumpster, which is one of those two wheel, tilt and role type deals pictured below:

I am sure you know what a dumpster looks like, but I wanted to be sure you could visualize because, well, it's important to the story. 

Similar to the one above, ours was full of yard waste including sticks and what not. It was so full, in fact, that the lid would not close. I mean, I could have probably tried to close it, but it seemed unnecessary. It roles just fine with the lid open, right?

Why yes, I DID make pictures in Paint for this blog post? What? Every now and then I still put some effort into a story around here.

So I start pushing it across the yard, when I feel my foot slip.  It's a worrisome feeling, but let's be honest, I am used to falling down. I clutch on to the dumpster handle so I can regain my footing, but you see, the issue is, the dumpster has wheels.  Soo...
The dumpster rolled. And I kept holding on, like, DON'T LET ME DOWN, DUMPSTER! But it did. It did let me down.  Hard. But because of like, physics or whatever, I didn't fall on the grass. There wasn't room for both me AND the dumpster. So, you know, I fell INTO the dumpster. Knocking my head insanely hard on either the edge of the dumpster, or more likely, on one of the giant sticks aimed directly at my face.

Nick kept working because, like I said, I am not new to falling down. So I had to yell "Something happened and I'M HURT!!" to which he did run over to check on me. When I moved my hand away from my head he said "You have bark embedded in your head..."

And I did. I literally had bark embedded in my forehead.  Also, I had (and still have) a hell of a headache.  Feel free to feel sorry for me. I do... I mean, it's not every day a grown adult manages to fall into a dumpster.

I tried to get a decent picture of the terrible wound, but this was the best I could do. My face is cropped out because it looked downright awful in this picture.


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  1. Oh no!!!!! Poor you :( I can sympathise with the headache, I smashed into a wall once and had the shape of the brick marked on my head and it felt like my face was going to explode! Feel much, much better soon xx