Monday, April 18, 2016

Video Explosion

So this past weekend we had Matt and Blair in town from South Carolina, Candice and Lucas' couples shower, and two tball games.  Unsurprisingly, I have a ton of pictures from those events. But before I share those, I wanted to share some videos I managed to get edited yesterday.  So, if you like videos over pictures, this post is for you!

First up, a video of Henry's tball game on Saturday. I can't remember if I shared any of the team games last year, but I like to record them on the GoPro them edit them down to just the action. It's sorta funny to think that in the hour long game there is only 10-15 minutes of actual baseball! I know it's hard (impossible) to tell who is who, but Henry's team is the red team (GO CARDINALS!) and when he bats he wears a bright blue helmet :)

Next up, I posted two new videos to the kids YouTube channel. One is brief  (40 seconds) and loud.

The boys are extremely distraught that Cici was home sick that day. The second is around 15 minutes, but from a parent prospective the first  minute and final two minutes are by far the best :)


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