Sunday, May 2, 2010

Blackout Derby Party

So seeing as how I live in Kentucky, the Kentucky Derby is sorta a big deal. Not like a huge deal for me personally, but people in the general area tend to go a little crazy over it. As for me, I will watch the race and I will show up to a party to celebrate if I am invited. This year I woke up from a three hour nap exactly five minutes before the race started, ran to the TV, cursed the rain, said a prayer for the horses to not break their ankles, and watched the run for the Roses. THEN, I threw on a black dress (okay, I drove to my sisters to borrow a black dress because I had nothing to wear, threw it on, changed into black pants and a black shirt because the borrowed dress didn't fit right, and then changed AGAIN into a totally different black dress because wearing pants didn't feel right either) and ran out the door for my friend Tarps Derby Blackout Party!

Basically the idea was to show up dressed from head to toe in black. Nick wasn't into the party because...well...he just thought it sounded like too much work. All that dressing in black. He did dress in all white for Tarp's white party a few years ago, but I don't think I gave him a choice that time. Plus there were fireworks at that party. Fireworks makes a dress code more reasonable in Nick's eyes. Anyway, he stayed home with Henry and we made a girls night out of it. Here are a few pictures I snapped of our little group having a great time. Sorry the quality is so terrible. Once again I was just using my phone. I really will learn better one of these days...

A few of our girls all dressed in black. These are actually everyone in our group who is on Twitter, so I posted the pic and said it was a picture of my twitter friends. Really, it is my friends who have twitter, but not really Twitter friends. I have know all these girls for at least a decade (and in the case of my little sister, since her birth). For some reason this accidental lie has bothered me since posting it, so now I feel as if I have come clean. Also, yes it is super blurry. And yet, I sorta love it!

Me and my baby sister

Whitney, Mandy and me enjoying the party
My sister in law Candice with Kara and Amanda
Me and Candice. we both tried Mint Juleps for the first time. We decided they were awfully Bourbony, but still oddly tasty. Here is one of many attempts to get a picture of me and Tarp. Apparently we are both way too jumpy to stand still for a picture without a flash...
So that's it! My big night out on the town for the Blackout party. We all had a great time! The rest of the weekend has been full of prep work for Henry's birthday party and lots of laying around and movie watching. All in all a pretty perfect weekend!

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