Monday, May 24, 2010

LOST: My Thoughts

So, obviously this post is going to be chocked full of spoilers. If you have Lost finale on your DVR, close out now and come back and leave me a comment after you have seen it! If you have never seen Lost, What are you thinking?? It's the best show EVER! Go rent it! NOW!


The easiest way for me to do this is bullet form. That way I don't have to feel bad about lacking transitions or not following a timeline. So here we go.

  • My heart is so sad for this show to be over. When I went to bed last night I just kept replaying several scenes in my head and is so full of sadness...and love...and sadness!
  • The sideways timeline, the fact that it is actually after everyone has died. It so beautiful and so tragic. What an amazing way to bring them all together and yet...*sob*
  • When Kate touches Jacks face in the sideways time-line and says, "I have missed you SO much". Has so much weight once I thought of how much longer she lived without him. Her memories of life contain a lot more time than his.
  • Hurley eventually dies. Somehow that makes me happy and sad and curious all at the same time.
  • I love that Ben became the number two he always wanted to be.
  • When Eloise was terrified Desmond would take her son, just heart breaking too. She knew they were in an afterlife, but she was holding on to him. Full of regret for what she had done.
  • I want to know what happens in the lives of the people who left the island. Were Kate or Sawyer ever happy? Somehow their sideways life leading them to Jack and Juliette make me thing that they weren't...
  • Desmond...I love you.
  • So did Jack die because he went into the light or did the MIB actually kill him? Was the wound fatal either way?
  • I loved that Vinson was with him in the end. As my mom said, "that's what a good dog would do".
  • Charlie...I love you Charlie.
  • I want to know if Clair became a good mother. Did her and Kate raise Aaron together?
  • I wonder how long it took everyone to die. How long was Hurley on the island? Ben?
  • We can all agree that Desmond did get off the island and go to his family, right?
  • The Kwons, they just seems at peace. That was so nice to see. I loved the way they looked at Sawyer with so much affection.
  • The scene in the church with everyone together at the very end was perfect. Just perfect.
Okay, for now that's it. I might come back and add more thoughts as I think of them in the day. If I do I will add an *updated* line so you know where to start. Basically though, I just loved it. Loved every second of it. I thought it was a perfect, complicated, emotionally satisfying end to a show that was so amazing. I know they couldn't answer all of our questions, but they answered enough for me. LOVE.

How did you all feel about it??

Update #1: More Thoughts
  • Where were Michael and Walt?
  • Just to be clear, the Island was all real and they were alive there and the only time they were dead was in the Sideways timeline, right? That was my understanding but my dad wasn't sure.
  • From the first talk of the candidates I wanted it to be Hurley. I knew he would be best.
  • I am still really lost on where the Others came from. And he people at the Temple. Did they ever explain that?
  • I am sad that Jack and Juliette's son never existed. I liked him.
Update #2: A Better LOST Blog:

If you want a great review and some amazing comments check out this blog!


  1. It was emotionally satisfying to me. BUT - the critical thinker of me that has spent 6 season trying to solve the mysteries? Was really disappointed. Does that make sense? Kinda like - I was happy with the sideways life. That was cool how that turned out. But, I was disappointed with the other side's story. I wanted more knowledge of the island and such when I walked away from the finale.

  2. It's funny that you say that, because I sorta felt the same way too, but didn't really realize it until I wrote the review. It was like all my feelings about the end were only about the sideways timeline. Which...I had invested YEARS into the real timeline and wish it had left more of an impact.

  3. I really enjoyed the end of lost but feel cheated by the writer's a bit.