Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Long Rant About a Show that has Long Been off TV

Remember how I told you all I was hooked on old episodes of ER that were being played on TNT? No? How can you forget all these important facts about my life?!? No seriously, it isn't important. I am just reminding you about my odd obsession so I can now vent about a show that went off the air two years ago. Because for some reason i think you care....which...never mind.

So ER. I was pretty addicted. I mean, I remember myself kinda mocking people who had time to watch a Soap Opera...it came on FIVE HOURS a week. How is that even possible to watch? But then, I sorta became one of those people with my beloved ER. I taped it and would watch it when I had time. I didn't have to sit aside a big block of time. If I was nursing Henry I would watch for fifteen minutes. Sometimes I would have to delete a few episodes because I got too far behind, but really I was keeping up pretty well.

The show...the show was getting a touch ridiculous. I will openly admit that. Plane crashes and shoot outs in the ER. But still, I watched. I was going to watch to the end. I was going to make it! Then...then TNT took ER off the air. YES. I have no idea what they were thinking. One day it just became the time slot for Supernatural. Whatever. We were like, two seasons from the end! TWO SEASONS. It might sound like a lot, but the show was on for 13 seasons, so really, we were in the home stretch.

So I set the DVR to tape it on ANY channel. Just so I can see what happens. And you know what? ER does not come on A SINGLE CHANNEL. EVER. WHAT THE HELL. SO....(do you all care about this at all?) I decided to Netflix the last two seasons. I mean, then I could watch it at my own pace. PERFECT. And you know what I learned? The last two seasons of ER have not even been released on DVD. How is this possible?? Every show ever made is on DVD. Every show but ER.

WHY is TNT allowed to get me all sucked in with like three hundred episodes (I am not PROUD of the fact that I have watched that much ER, but it is a fact....ok, I am a little proud. It is a true display of dedication!) and then cut out the last thirty? Just totally abandon me. I am sure I wasn't the only person watching. I am sure I am not the ONLY person who misses it. Right?? Maybe I am. Maybe I am the only person in America who cares. How sad.


  1. I hear ya..but only with me it's the wonder years..and you can't find it on tv anywhere!! or dvd at all .. so it sucks!

  2. :::has spent over $2k on X-Files-related things:::

    I get it. I totally get it.