Monday, May 10, 2010


Weeks ago we thought there was no way. No way was Henry going to walk before his first birthday. He was too little to walk. He was our baby. He was hard at work on other things, but walking was going to come after the big birthday. Then one day it clicked in his sweet little head. He spent less and less time crawling from here to there and more and more on his two feet. Holding tight to our hands or the couch or the wall, but standing, walking from here to there.

Then, before our very eyes, we watched him as he got more and more courageous. He would let go of the couch. Only for a second or two, but he was testing those legs. He learned to stand up in he middle of the room. Not pull up, but just stand. Then he started cutting the corner of the sectional sofa. Just two steps, then he flung himself into the cushion. With this look on his face that said "I made it! I am so awesome." And we smiled and praised him, but we didn't say he was walking. He took a couple of steps, but that is different. He is awfully little for walking.

Then days went by and the corner cut got earlier and earlier. He would take three steps, and then not fall into the couch as much as just stand beside it. Still the look of "I am so awesome" on his face. But we didn't say he was walking. Just taking better steps. He is too little to be walking. He is our baby. He will get it eventually, but not yet.

Then one day I was walking out of the living room. I was at least four steps from Henry when I felt him collide with the back of my legs. I look around at him, and I must agree. He is awesome. He is positively glowing at his accomplishment. And yet...we didn't' say he was walking then either. He was close though. Really close.

Last night Henry was standing at the couch, he let go and walked across the room. All the way to the wall. His legs were shakey, but they got him where he wanted to go. There is no more denying it. Henry is walking. He snuck in the new skill right before his first birthday. He is growing up so fast, and I love it and I hate it. I watch him as he wants to get down. As he wants to walk. And I know that soon walking wont be enough. He will learn to run. And he will want to go outside and play. And he will keep growing and keep pushing himself to take that next step. To set a goal for himself and to reach it. And I am so proud. And he is so awesome. And I am trying hard not to be sad. Sad that one more thing that made my baby a baby is gone.


  1. And I'm crying.

    Kasen hasn't figured out how to stand up by himself in the middle of the room yet, but he's trying to figure it out. He also loves for you to sit in front of him with him at arms reach and let go so he can take a couple of steps to you, but he mostly just falls forward laughing while keeping his legs underneath him as best as he can. "Walking" but I'm hesitant to actually call it that yet. It is so amazing to watch and I get so excited for him, especially when I see his eyes light up when he realizes what he's done, but you are right... it is so sad, too.

  2. Oh, Henry, you ARE awesome!

    I love the way you described it, Sarah :)

    Hey, he was walking when he took his first steps in my book (but then again, I can't wait for them not to be babies) LOL

  3. oh way to go Henry!! He really is growing fast and that is great (but I can imagine also very difficult because they are only babies for such a short time!) Are we going to see a video of his walking skills in the near future?? Pretty please xx

  4. Its so hard as a parent because we want them to achieve these milestones but when they do - we are so sad because they are growing up too fast! My little one snuck in his walking right before his first birthday too :)