Sunday, August 22, 2010


Henry: Oh my goodness. OH MY GOODNESS!! Mama! I found my BOOOOOOK! I thought I lost it after I sat it over here five minutes ago, but thank GOODNESS I found it!! It's my BOOOOOOOK!!!(picture blurry due to incredible speed at which he runs to Mama with said book)

Mama: Hmmm...oh yes baby. I see that. We read that book a 12,276 already today. And your other books 67,198,345 Maybe you can just play with your other toys? Maybe?
Henry: Did you hear me Mama? Did you here me? It my BOOOOOOOK! Oh man, I love this thing. We gotta read it. We just gotta. Now Mama. Now. This is my FAVORITE!
Mama: But Henry...we just...
Henry: This one right here Mama. This one. This one. This one. This one. Are you listening Mama?? THIS ONE. It my Booooook! THIS ONE RIGHT HERE! Boooooooook. BOOOOOOOOOK!!!
Mama: Yes baby, we can read it. Just wait one minute.
Henry: Oh Mama PLEASE read my book NOW! I haven't heard it in the last 5 minutes and it could have possibly changed. PLEASE MAMA PLEEEEASE!!! (ignore Mama's naked legs and ALF shorts. She was too busy making fun of her child to notice she was photographing her own PJ's. )
Mama: Just one second...Henry: If I flash you my award winning smile will you read it? Mama, it's my BOOOOOK! I simply cannot live another minute without having it read to me.
Mama: It does melt my heart when you smile baby. Just one sec and we will read it.
Henry: *giant sigh* Fine. I clearly can't wait around for you ALL DAY. I will just read it myself.
Mama: That is a great idea baby!
Henry: Man, this is some good stuff. You don't know what you are missing over here, Mama.
Mama: I have a pretty good idea.


  1. Hahaha. So cute! It's funny how they want things "right here right now" ALL.THE.TIME!

  2. How wonderful that your son adores his books so much. It sounds like you are raising a very smart little cookie.

  3. Haha... how cute!! You know, my kinda little sister (the one my mum was a childminder for an is now just like another member of the family) learnt to read because of being read the same books over and over and over again until she knew them off by heart and would follow what we were saying with her finger!! Kids and books are so funny :o)