Thursday, February 10, 2011

Cousin Time

Cici* says, "What is this baby cage?"
Henry says, "Welcome to the land of Henry! Feel free to look around, what's mine is yours."
Henry says, "Mama, can we have a slumber party?? I PROMISE I won't keep her up all night!"
Cici says, "Can we? Can we? Can we? PLEEEEEASE!"

Henry says, "We're going on a bear hunt, we're going to catch a big one..."
Cici says, "Seriously. It's like A MILLION DEGREES in here and you are letting him talk about a bear hunt. LET'S GOOOOOO!"**

*Cici will be what I call my beautiful niece around here from now on.

**Sometimes even the closest of cousins disagree about when is the right time to recite children's literature.

These two have been spending lots of time together lately. And by lots I mean more than their normal three days a week. Now we are at 5 a lots of dinners and weekend time. They laugh at each other and hold hands. They are pure joy and they constantly warm my heart.


  1. They are both so adorable! So glad they have fun together and give you those sweet moments!

  2. It seems every generation of our family nicknames get repeated - Boo = Jenn AND Jan. Cici = Nancy AND Darcy. Next?

  3. They look adorable.

    Thank you for the kind words of support you left for me on my blog.