Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So I will drive myself crazy if I think of nothing but surgery and cancer between now and Friday, so we are going to lighten things up around here. This past weekend we had family dinner with Nick's mom and step-dad. We were all sitting around and somehow one of us mentioned what nerds we are. This is a common claim from this bunch. I guess Nick's mom had had enough of this "nerd" talk and finally spoke up. She needed to defend her precious babies. " Why on earth do you all call yourself nerds? You are perfectly normal!"

She didn't seem to find it odd or "nerdy" that we had been watching a marathon of "How It's Made", or that we followed it up with a game of Trivia Genius. Or the fact that we were a Group of four holding Math, Physics, Biology and Computer Science Degrees. Or that between us we have three university employees and one High School Math teacher. We pointed all these facts out, but Nana didn't seem to be swayed. So I thought I would put forward some incriminating evidence to support our self proclaimed nerd status. Which... even by trying to prevent evidence in this case may be proof enough that I am a full blooded nerd.

So let's see. Exhibit A. We will start with the oldest child:

So here is Nick's brother Chris on the cover of Leo Weekly talking about the Hacker space they have created, of which Chris is the president. So... he is sorta the KING of the nerds. (he is the one in the middle.) Here is a link to the article. Because seriously, it is pretty cool. Nerdy, but cool.

Exhibit B:
Nick in DC
The middle child...who is summed up rather well in this picture.

Exhibit C
Christmas 2010
The baby. Well... you can decide on her nerdiness for yourself

Exhibit D
As for me, I may not have been born into this family of nerds, but I think I fit in rather well.

Of course, I am not sure Nicks mom will see it, even with the evidence I have provided. Because when it comes down to it, she raised this family of nerds. So they seem perfect in every way.

Especially Exhibit E:

This one has no chance. May as well go ahead and embrace it now.
Henry: "Mama, what are you even talking about. EVERYONE insists on wearing high top tennis shoes on the outside of footie pajamas while sitting in a baby's seat. COME ON.
Nana: "That's right baby. The is not a single nerdy thing about you. You are PERFECT!"
Mama: *eye roll*


  1. Sorry, Nana. You are all NERDS!
    (but who says that is a bad thing?)

  2. Too cute. And there's nothing wrong with being nerdy. :)

  3. Henry's Aunt CandiceFebruary 1, 2011 at 6:21 PM

    How did you NOT include the picture of Chris with all of the Nintendo game posters?!?! That one came to mind instantly. Now I will wipe the tears of laughter away and continue to chuckle at all of us. thanks for posting that pic of me AGAIN. Sheesh.....LOL

  4. Okay, so maybe you have provided significant evidence that...some...might find convincing. And perhaps my children, my daughter-in-law and my sweet, perfect, grandson might be just a little 'outside the norm'....but I prefer to think of all you as 'intellectually gifted'. And so, that is what I'm going with-intellectually gifted-not nerds! .....Although I must admit that shoes over footed pj's may have raised my eyebrows a little. :) But he's still adorable.