Monday, February 28, 2011

Still Rolling

So the FET, it's still rolling right along. I know I haven't talked about it much this last week (because it's been all SPEEEEEECH around here), but that is really because there isn't much to report. I was so pumped to get started with the hormones to feel like I was actually DOING something, but the big day came and I just stuck on a patch and that was that. Not really that exciting when it comes down to it. Three days later I changed my patch, then two days later (today) I upped the ante and put on two patches. I am wild and crazy over here.

As for side effects, I feel tired, but that is mainly it. I have a lingering headache, but nothing terrible. Really, I feel pretty normal. The patches drive me mildly crazy because I am not one to leave things alone. The desire to pick at the edges is strong. REALLY strong. And I have convinced myself that they itch, but I am no sure it's true or if I am just trying to find a reason to mess with it. In a weird way I preferred the shots. Maybe because they felt like more of an event every single day so I felt like I was actually getting closer to my goal of a baby. But still, the patches are painless and easy. So that is lovely. And if they work I will never say another negative word about them.

So that's it on an FET update. Still drugged up and waiting for an ultrasound for the green light. That will happen next Tuesday, and that will definitely fall into the category of blog worthy, even if daily patch changes don't.

**For those of you interested, I updated over on Missy's blog on Friday if you want to read about her follow-up appointment and her treatment plan.**


  1. I'm so happy that you are getting so close!!! I'll be on the ever-exciting patches here soon...our FET is scheduled in March!

  2. Yay... still thinking and praying hard for you guys xx

    Also... never had patches for IVF, but when I went through one of those "pseudo-menopause" things they seem to love giving women with Endo I remember the hormone patches itching like crazy... trying hard not to itch my bum while working was a challenge!!! So it might not be "just a reason" to pick at them!