Friday, September 9, 2011


What?  You want to know what the Heck I am thinking, not posting pictures of Henry for nearly two weeks?  Well... let me tell you.  Our camera you see, it seems to have eaten our memory card.  Or maybe our memory card just died.  We don't know for sure yet.  I am really hoping the card died and not the camera.  Cameras are expensive.  But anyway, our memory card up and deleted ALL of our pictures (over the last two months, not like every picture in our lifetime).  Just *Poof* and they were gone.  Awful, right? RIGHT?  Well, luckily it wasn't that awful because I regularly load pictures onto flickr, but still...STILL.  But I am trying to not dwell on it.  Much.

So, seeing as I haven't had a camera, I have been using my iphone.  And do you know how crappy iphone pictures are?  I mean, not everyone elses.  Seriously, some people take AMAZING pictures with their iphone, but not me.  I take, blurry. It's like my signature style of photography.  But since it's been TWO WEEKS, I figure I will empty the iphone library here for your enjoyment.  (I have nothing else for today)

Henry and Cici
Apparently there is nothing more fun that sticking two kids into a pack-n-play and allowing the to JUST GO NUTS.
What else....well, last weekend we built this fort. IT. WAS. AWESOME. Right up until the point where Ellie thought she could walk across the middle. It crashed down in an impressive heap of chairs and quilts. No injuries were reported
And then there was this one I got from my mom's iphone. Apparently her photos have the same blurry signature.
Large Pizza
What else is on here... well there is this. We had our fantasy football draft and Missy ordered a large pizza. She asked if it was the biggest size they had. They said "Ummm... it will be big enough". Truth Large Pizza
Henry approved
 In other random pictures, the fall weather is coming on strong around here. That means Halloween, which means that skeleton PJ's are totally appropriate now.
Mama and Henry
And one last one. Mama sure does love this boy.

I promise to get a new memory card tonight. That way the pictures from the weekend might just be in focus.  But for now, I sorta like these.  Blurry seems to capture how fast life is moving.  But we are loving every second.


  1. 1. I love that your mom got her finger in the picture she took. She got a great shot of her knees on the tour bus in Memphis too.

    2 Henry is eating what is quite possibly the largest slice of pizza I have ever seen. I think it's bigger than him.

  2. I love the pizza pic....and my phone takes blurry pics too...I always have to take more than one if the objects aren't stationary.

  3. Great picctures! You're not the only one with cruddy iphone SIL has the same issue with her phone.

    I love the tent (and the quilts you used!).

  4. Oh I love these pictures... who says blurry is bad?!

    I adore the den you made and had such a laugh at the size of that pizza! Hope you're having a lovely weekend xx