Monday, September 26, 2011


Last Monday as the work day wrapped up I looked outside and sighed.  Rain.   Ain't that a bitch.  I have class on Mondays, and the walk from where I park to the building is maybe a quarter of a mile.  Not far on a beautiful fall day, but in the rain...

As I pulled into my parking lot and I started digging for an umbrella but came up empty handed.  Then I noticed a handle in the back seat.  A handle that looked like this...

Oh lord. I sent Nick a text message (that I also tweeted, because I enjoy making fun of myself on the internet) that said: " I have to walk to class in the rain and the only umbrella in the car is a Buzz Lightyear one. All the other students will be jealous right?"

Nick wrote back: "You can put a bag over your head and walk to class or use the umbrella and put a bag over your head when you get to class. It doesn't help that the bag is from Save a Lot."

That husband of mine.  He does make me laugh.  I opted to go with the umbrella.  You all, this thing was tiny.  TINY!  It BARELY covered my head.  And I had to hold the handle all the way up near my face because it was so short.  Sorta like it was made for a two year old or something.

I actually saw several drivers take a closer look as I walked by, and then saw them laugh.  Nobody in class mentoned my rockin umbrella, but several of them saw me come in with it.

 Nothing bands you as a mom faster than a Buzz Lightyear umbrella on a college campus.

It's Monday again, and it's raining again.  And I didn't get around to buying a grown up umbrella.  Looks like I will have to break out Buzz one more time.  No doubt about it. I am the coolest kid in school.


  1. Such a cute story! And, I actually have had similar fun times with a Lego Star Wars umbrella.

  2. You ARE the coolest kid in school. (This comment is directly specifically at your mom.)

  3. If it makes you feel better, I had to use Evie's frog umbrella once... The kind with the eyes on top. I looked special.