Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Parrot

The other day Henry was sitting in Nick's lap while he played Zelda. I was reading (SO. ADDICTED) so I am not exactly sure what happened, but all of a sudden I hear an adorable tiny voice very clearly declare "Oh Shit!". I give Nick the show head turn with the evil eye.

"Did he just say...""

"Um... yeah. Oops"

I tell Nick it's time. Henry is quickly becoming our own personal parrot, so the cussing has got to stop. We agree. Cut out the cussing until the parroting has stopped. Which...when does that actually happen? Never? Do we never get to use the colorful cuss words that have peppered our language since we were teenagers? But we are so GOOD at using them. What a shame. (Nana-I am just kidding. I would never cuss. except maybe sometimes. But ALMOST never. Mouth of a princess, this one)

Anyway, about 15 minutes later I am in the kitchen getting Ellie her dinner. I shake the pouch of food and it splits open and flies across the kitchen. Beef chunks and gravy fly everywhere. "OH SHIT!" I yell.

Then, quietly from the living room I hear it again. "OH SHIT!" he looks at me and smiles. "Oh shit, oh shit, OooooH Shhhiiiit"

We are in a world of trouble. And maybe someone needs to wash Mama and Papa's mouths out with soap.

** Some of you asked if Henry qualified for speech in in evaluation last week. He did. Mainly because a good chunk of his speech is exactly this. Parroting. He is using his language more and more on his own, but it is slow progress. So we set goals for him to use more sentences, and for his language to come completely from him, rather than from us. So we are signed up for another six months of classes with Ms. Lauren, and are very happy with the new plan.

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  1. Yeaaaa...we are having the same issues :) His favorite right now is: "Ohhh my God, Momma" Ooops!