Thursday, September 8, 2011

Slow Love- A BlogHer Book Club Review

(We have gotten rather bookish around here lately, right?)

So Blogher has changed things up a bit and is now having me publish a short review* for my book club books over here on my Bio Girl.  There will then be a continued discussion about the book over the next several weeks at Blogher.  If you are interested in  following along and participating in the discussion, we would love to have you!

*Extremely short review! They are limiting me to 250 words.  Do you know how few words that is?  I LOVE my words!  When I first wrote this review, it was 500 words.  DOUBLE.  And I was REALLY trying to keep it to the basics.  I guess those other 250 words will find their way into the discussion over the next month.  Anyway, I only mention this because i want to be clear that the actual review begins after that starred line right there below this paragraph.  It's my blog, and I say it is so.  So here is my review of Slow Love.  Starting....NOW.

Timing is everything.  And sometimes the time in your life you read a book will completely dictate how you feel about it.  That was most likely my problem with  Slow Love by Dominique Browning. We are a young family who has very little extra money, and that gives me no patience for Slow Love.  This is a memoir of Browning, following a year as she finds a way to slow down and live life after losing her job as a major magazine editor in Manhattan at the age of fifty.  She talks of the struggles of finding what to do with rising taxes on property and the crash of the stock market.  And yet, she has no debit and two lovely homes.  She talks of health issues and relationship issues, but all in all, she seems to me to be lucky. 

It was hard to feel sorry for Browning, or even invested in her story, but there is no question she is a good writer.  There are sections of the book that I found extremely interesting, specifically the small section about her health. But for the most part, I just felt that it was common. That lots of people are going through this, but without the security to sit around and think "What shall I do with all my time?"  Everyone else is thinking "How in the hell am I going to put food on the table?" Slow love isn’t bad, but I can’t say I would recommend it.

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  1. She is a good writer, isn't she? Sometime I plan to try to track down some of her magazine pieces.

  2. And I thought I had it bad being limited to 500 words for some of my magazine writing. I would go nuts with 250. We have SO MUCH to share with the world? Why do they limit us???