Thursday, September 22, 2011

What Else?

So.... I am going to talk a little (more) about the Outlander series. I KNOW, right? When am I going to get over this series (four books down, three to go)? I mean, you went to all the trouble to come over to see what I was talking about today, most likely expecting the pictures that I promised, and here I go again about my love of the Frasers. All I can say is that I canna help it.  The love is strong, and I must discuss it.

But before I get into all that, here is a little something for those of you who find my love of Scotland in the 1700's a little tiring.
The Park
"You all are really just here for pictures of me, right?"

Okay, we are going to get into some serious series spoilers in a second, but I will warn you before you hit that point in the post. First, let me just mention once again that you all should read these books. What? you don't think that Scotland in 1745 is interesting? Did you enjoy Braveheart? DID YOU? Of course you did! (everyone loves Braveheart, I think it's fact). So try it out. You will not regret it. (Whitney, I have changed my mind. I am going to need you to read this after all. It is just TOO GOOD to not force upon you.)

So now on to me letting you all know what I thought of the 4th book, Drums of Autumn. You all, I COULD NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN.  Like on Tuesday night I stayed up until 2:30 am reading. Then, even though I was DEAD TIRED on Wednesday, I stayed up that night until 1:30am to finish it.  I just COULDN'T STOP READING.

If you are reading the series, or plan to someday, but haven't made it to this book, you are going to want to go ahead and close out now. Come back once you finish it. We can talk about it. If you have read at least to the end of book four, continue on. Let's be friends and discuss one of the greatest book series of all times together.


We are doing these thoughts bullet style:
  • Okay, can I just start by saying that Young Ian has gone and broken my heart. Like, seriously, I was so depressed when he walked in to tell Jamie and Claire that from now on he could speak nothing but the language of his new family. And the tattoos on his FACE. I mean, it's like Diana Gabaldon wanted to tell us "Look guys, this shit is HAPPENING. So you need to accept it." I LOVE young Ian. LOVE. HIM. And, well.... even though he did seem sorta happy with his new life, and I was happy to read the letter from him about the fact that he is married with a baby on the way,  the idea of him not staying on Fraser Ridge just breaks my little heart.  What will he Ma say??
  • Did anybody but me find it odd that Fergus was like, a MAIN character and then he is just basically gone.  Like, he is there...but not really.  I guess now that he is married and has his son his main focus is them and not Jamie. Still, it seems strange. 
  •  Bree and Roger. You all, I love them.  Like when I knew the series was going to evolve to include the entire family, I was not really sure I would continue to love it as much.  I wanted all Jamie and Claire, all the time.  But oh how I love Bree and Roger.  And my heart is BROKEN about her being raped.  And when he showed up all tattered with his big beard and his wounded foot and used his blood to claim his all. My heart almost couldn't take it.
  • What about the greatest misunderstanding of all time? You know, when Jamie thinks that Roger has raped his virgin daughter and left her pregnant and them come to take her away and force her to be his wife? That little misunderstanding.  And then, how he beats the shit out of him, and THEN gives him to the natives.  Right. THAT.  Um, I have no words except to say that entire THING was what kept me from being about to go to sleep the last two nights what with the MUST FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS compulsion that followed.  And when Bree finally draws Rogers picture, and Jamie and Ian know what they have done...and then the guilt on Jamie's shoulders. Just heartbreaking. HEARTBREAKING!
  • When you think about it, Bree and Roger have spent very little time together.  I mean, even in the 1970's, they weren't together much.  And then all the time they were in the 1700's, they only had that one night together over the year.  Can  you imagine? And yet...oh how they love each other.  Gives me joy every single time the story turns to them.
  • I love John Grey.  LOVE HIM. Like I want to be best friends with him.  
  • I find it a little convenient that there seem to be so many stone circles everywhere they go.  I mean, I get it, it's FICTION and everything.  But still... it makes me curious if there are actually stone circles in all these places.  Not  like, curious enough to go to the trouble of googling it, but curious enough to mention it and think maybe one of you will tell me the answer. 
  • The fact that Frank put the grave stone with Jamie's name on it for Claire to find...I am horrified.  Thankful and horrified.  I guess I see why he didn't tell her that he survived the Rising.  But still...STILL.  To just let her believe he was dead for 20 years!  But could she have left Bree?  Sigh.  The 20 years apart still bothers me. I mean, I GET IT, but...heart breaking.
  • The scene when Bree goes into labor and she wont let Jamie leave her side.  I loved it so much.  Jamie's love of Jemmy actually gives me such joy deep down in my soul.  Maybe a little because of how much Henry's grandparents love him.  Maybe because of how much I love Henry, and how my heart breaks that Jamie didn't get to be there to raise either of his children.  But the love he has for him warms my heart.
  • Why is HBO not making these books into their next series? Doesn't this have HBO written all over it?  COME ON NOW, it would be PERFECT!
  • Each of the last three books I had a general idea of what was coming.  You knew Claire had to find Jamie, you knew Bree had to find her parents.  You knew Roger would follow Bree.  But now, I have no idea what the last three are about.  They are together, they are all there to stay.  I don't what what is coming next, but I can't wait to find out.


  1. I agree, this is the best book series of all time. And, as you know, I have read a LOT OF BOOKS. I take full credit for introducing this series to the family. Y'all are welcome. And not to get you any more jacked up than you already are, but...the best is yet to come. And when I read the end of the latest one and realized it would be a long time before I could find out what happened next, I was very sad. Very, very sad.

  2. You had me at your last post about this book series! I just downloaded the 1st book on my iPad last weekend, and will start reading it this weekend.

  3. This cracks me up. My sister-in-law, who lives in Utah, told me about this series a few months back. Then suddenly, you're writing about it. She's bringing me the first couple of books in a few weeks while we're vacationing together. I'll get back to you after book 4.

  4. I love you!!! So glad you love Outlander.