Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back Rub

Henry's new favorite thing is having his back rubbed before he falls asleep.  He will lay down in his bed, ask for his toys, his blankets, to be tucked in.  Then he will say "Rub back?". And we always do. 

If he has a hard time falling asleep we will hear him call out from his room, "Mama, Papa?? Rub Back?!?!"  And we do.  Giving him a few more minutes to be really ready for bed.

This morning Henry and I were up and getting ready for speech and he said, "Mama's bed?"

I am not one to protest getting back into bed for a few minutes, so we climb back into my bed together.  "Blanket?" he says.  So I put the blanket on both of us. 

"Henry rub Mama's back?"  he says, then rubs the side of my arm and shoulder for me.  I tell him "thank you so much! What a sweet boy you are!"  He has never tried to rub my back before.

After a few seconds he smiles at me, flips on his belly and says "Mama turn!"

This child.  he is cleaver.

After a couple of minutes later he smiles at me and says "Happy."

Mama too, baby.  Mama's happy too.


  1. Priceless!!! My daughter loves having her back rubbed, too, along with her arms, legs....pretty soon it turns into a full fledged massage! Yes, clever they are!

  2. This story makes me smile. Little boys are so sweet.