Monday, November 14, 2011

The Surprise Keeper

I may very well be the worst keeper of surprises of all time. Now, that isn't to say I can't keep a secret. That I can do. Really well. Like my secret keeping vault is a steal trap that nobody will enter. Not to say it has always been that way, but as young girls commonly do, I learned the hard way the importance of keeping secrets, and now I do it like a champ.

But that isn't what we are talking about. We are talking about surprises. The things that you are excited about, looking forward too, but cannot talk about until the predetermined time that the surprise is to be reveled. For example, Christmas. In the 12 years we have been together I have never once been able to pull of a Christmas surprise for Nick. This is because he will watch my face closely and guess as he holds each package. And my face tells all. I CANNOT seem to lie. I mean, I LIE, but it is so obvious that I am lying that it is like a written confession of guilt. Add in the fact that I am COMPLETELY unable to lie on the fly, and you have a girl that is bound a determined to ruin any good surprise. Might as well keep me out of the loop. It's for the best.

But this weekend we had a surprise event that I was forced to be in the loop about. We had Boo a surprise baby shower! So for the last couple of weeks I have been helping my sweet friend plan this shower, but have had to keep it a secret from Boo. Do you know how hard that is for a terrible surprise keeper with an extremely nosy sister?? DO YOU??

Boo, Chris and Darcy were over on Friday for dinner and I had the present hidden away in the new bathroom where I was POSITIVE nobody would go. Well, in walks Chris to take a look at the bathroom and I actually block him from the door where the present is hidden and hiss "Don't go in there!" He looks at me kinda shocked and said "I am not allowed to go into your bathroom?" and laughed a little. You know, waiting to know WHY he isn't allowed in a bathroom that is under construction. And there were a million good answers. The main one being just go with the truth. There are PRESENTS in there. They could be for CHRISTMAS you know. But What did I do? I get all squirrelly and weird (YOU ALL, I was WEIRD about it) and say "Ummm.... NO! I will..." (then I whisper) "I will just tell you later."  Under my breath all super secret (read creepy) like and give him a knowing (read odd) look. It was exceptionally awkward.

And the thing is, that is just ONE of my many increasingly attempts to keep this shower a secret. I also told Boo on Sunday I was tired and need to go home from Christmas shopping...something we had only started about 45 minutes before, at 5:15PM.  FIVE FIFTEEN PM. I actually fake stretched. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??

You want to surprise someone with something? Consider this a warning, it's best to NEVER tell me about it.

**Great pictures from the shower to come tomorrow. Turns out even with me being a complete idiot, she was truly surprised. It was great.


  1. A shower is such a great surprise!:) Thanks for the idea!)) And don't worry, it's just impossible to ruin such a surprise even if it's not surprise anymore.;)

  2. Love that you guys did that! Im the worlds worst person when it comes to surprises...I doubt my child(ren) will even believe in Santa..that is how bad I am :)

    Cannot wait to see the pics!!!

  3. I'm terrible at keeping surprises, too. I just get so excited. :) But it sounds like this one was a success. I can't wait to see pictures!

  4. she was totally surprised. This post is very funny. Especially thinking about your awkward lie faces/reactions.