Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Bio Girl Goes Big Time

Well, it's official. Bio Girl has entered the big time. I officially decided to buy a domain address for this site! It's a big decision. I mean, it's an entire $10... per year. So you know, not something to enter into lightly. So what is the new address? Well, since I took SO LONG to decide to make this jump to "legitimate blogger who owns a domain" status, several of the logical choices for the site were taken. But after begging twitter for help I ended up going with... drum roll please....

Welcome. Have a seat and stay awhile at my new domain. I am sure you all are more comfortable now that the pesky dash is gone. And the extra dot. And the entire word 'spot'. It's just so modern and stream lined now. God, I should have done this years ago.

Have no fear, if you have the blogspot address bookmarked or you are extremely against any sort of change. That site will always work too. It's like I am in two places at one time. Which, you know, is sorta a dream come true.

So bookmark the new page. Tell you family, tell your friends. We are legit around here.

While I am doing some blog upkeep, does anybody know how to make it so I have a little lab flask (like is in my header) up by the address instead of the blogger B ? Now that would REALLY make my blogging day!


Turns out that Blogger B is called a favicon and thanks to my awesome readers I have now changed it to the flask (science kinda flask, not alcohol flask!) that is in my header!

I am a blogging nerd and these things make me happy.


  1. Congrats on the new domain!

  2. I love it!!!!

    Yes you can do the flask instead of the B. I'll email you how. :)

  3. I wrote about that at some point when I did it, but I'll have to look for the post.

  4. Woo hoo! Congrats! I did that a little over a year ago, and it was worth the money. :)

  5. Hey, Davidson looks great up there! :) Yea for being 'legit'!!