Thursday, November 10, 2011

The New Bed

Every night since the new bed arrived at the house we seem to find ourselves hanging out in it.  All three of us.  We finish dinner, then instead of spending time in the living room, we seem to all head for the bed.  We crawl in together and watch movies, play games, read, laugh, basically just hang out.  In bed.

On the second night it was past Henry's bed time and he was still laying there with us.  It was clear he was just about to fall asleep, so I tell Nick he better move him on into his bed.  With the daylight time change and some schedule shifting that has been happening I was worried that letting him fall sleep in our bed would be the start of  a new bedtime fight I wasn't willing to take on.

So Nick gets up and looks at Henry and says "Henry, it's bed time.  Do you want to walk to your bed or do you want Papa to carry you?"  This is a nightly question and the answer flips back and forth between "Carry You..."  and "WALK!" which takes on the look and sound of a marching band heading into the bedroom.  But on this night we got a different answer.

"No..." Henry said, sorta thoughtful.  "Dis one."  Patting the bed to be sure it was clear.  He was happy to sleep in this bed, thank you very much.  "Dis one!"

Nick says "No Henry, walk or Papa carry you?"

Henry closes his eyes and settles into the bed, pats Nick's pillow and says " Lay down Papa, Lay down."  He then barely opens one eye to look at his papa still standing by the bed, snaps it shut again and says "sleeeeeeeeeeep."  with a tiny little grin on his face.

These random moments.  Sometimes they take my off guard, how they fill me with love for my little family of three.  God, I love them so.


  1. I wish I were here to grant your three wishes! (Here from Mel's blog.)

    I'm sorry to read about your sister, she'll be in my thoughts, and I'll hope with you that you get your miracle for #2.

    The job market sucks - I sympathize with that without even knowing which job market Nick's in. Sincere good luck to him!

  2. So sweet, I love when our little one does things like this.