Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finished!! (My Last Outlander Book Review)

Over six thousand pages.  SIX THOUSAND.  Do you know how attached you get to characters after SIX THOUSAND PAGES.  (no, I will never stop capitalizing it.  It should be shouted.  SIX! THOUSAND! PAGES!)  It's like I don't know what to do with myself.  How can I be at the END of what has been released of the series? For some reason I actually thought this book was the last ever.  Like,  I was prepared to be DONE done.  But no no, there is another one coming out.  Just not for another year.  A YEAR.  Are you KIDDING me?  It would be easier if it was actually done.  Because then there would be closure.  But no, I read SIX THOUSAND PAGES and am left with CLIFFHANGERS. It  might kill me.
Okay, so My feelings on Echo In the Bone.  Given to you in bullet form, of course.  The only people who might find this interesting are my mom and aunt, but I DO NOT CARE.  SIX. THOUSAND. PAGES.  It deserves one more blog post.  Spoilers abound below. 
  •  Okay, we are going to start at the end and then I will attempt to remember my other feelings but for now, THE END is all that matters.  Lets just get to the heart of the matter here.  Claire thought Jamie was dead and she SLEPT WITH LORD JOHN.  I  know. I cannot turn off the cap lock.  But LORD JOHN?  I love him.  Truly.  And I get it, he was protecting her from being arrestested so they had to marry...but I was like, "Well THAT'S a safe marriage! Jamie will understand!"  Wait, WHAT? She slept with him?  I did find it funny (and am so glad that it was in this book) when Lord John told Jamie about it and Jamie just said "Oh? Why?"  Like he was too shocked to even be mad. Although, oh he will not be pleased with it in the next book.  I feel sure.

  • William. Oh Willie.  I love him.  And I am really glad they didn't drag out the "will William ever see Jamie and KNOW??" question any longer.  Although once you know that William dreams about Jamie (as Mac the groom) and still wears his rosary and all that... I find it hard to believe he wouldn't recognize him when he went to the Ridge back in book 4.

  • WHEN the hell is Roger?  And did I miss something or did Diana Gabaldon just like FORGET to give us an end to that entire story line.  Am I wrong to think that Jemmy is stuck in the dark on the train (NEAR THE TIME PORTAL!) but Roger thinks he is in the past and went after him (with his five times great grandfather!), so NOBODY CAN TELL HIM. And you KNOW he wont come home without Jemmy!  And Bree is in her house with the no good Cameron guy trying to find out where the gold is?  That is not how you end books DIANA.  I need closure!

  • Speaking of Bree, why in the hell wont she read all the letters?  If Henry was taken back in time (and we were able to time travel and I had letters from my parents...okay, if I was BREE) , the first thing I would do is read every single thing my parents wrote me in case it says "Oh sweetie, Roger is here but we can't find Jemmy... we think he might be there with you.  Why don't you look for him, then come here and join us"  I mean, that MIGHT be in a letter, right?  And then the next letter could be from HERSELF and say "Hi Me.  Mandy and I made it fine.  Don't be afraid to come on back!"

  • Young Ian.  Is "Runs with Lizards" actually his son, or does he just "have Ian's spirit".  Like genetically... are they related?  I am confused. 

  •  I am in love with Ian and Rachel.  When Rachel says "Thee are my wolf"  I about died.  ABOUT. DIED.  I was REALLY worried there was going to be a love triangle with William so I am glad that didn't happen.  Although clearly William was into her.  Poor Willie.  He needs to catch a break in the next book. 

  • I am SO GLAD Arch Bug is dead.  I have been terrified of him and what he might DOooooo to someone I love. 

  • Old Ian.  How sad was his death? And then the fact that Jenny felt like her home wasn't hers anymore.  It makes me so sad for her, even though I am still angry about her telling Claire she has no soul.  HELLO, cold hearted.  But her husband was dying and she thinks Claire is a maybe I see her point.  (so glad Jenny is in America now. I think she will be a great addition to the next book)

  • ROGER.  WHEN ARE YOU?  (I know I already mentioned this one, but I love him.  I needed to ask again)

  • What in the heck are Fergus and Marsali doing letting Germain hand out these dangerous papers AND learn to be a pick pocket.  THESE ARE DANGEROUS TIMES!  And then CLAIRE goes and gets caught handing them out.  These people need to learn to lay low. Espcially when there is no Jamie to get you out of trouble.

  • I love Rollo, although I do wonder how old he is now. He's a really big dog, and I think they have been in America over 10 years, right? And he was already full grown then.  I wont question it because I NEVER want Rollo to die. 

  • I loved the cousin bond between Ian and William, even though William didn't know they were really cousins.  And when they called him Bear Cub because he picked the bear to be his spirit animal, and Ian brought the gift from "Bear Killer".  I loved that part.

  • I am really enjoying the American Revolution parts of this book, and it makes me want to go see all the battle fields and things! Look, reading these books are making me care about my nation's history!

I am sure there are more, but that's what I remember for now.  I loved this book.  After the series took a dip at the Firey Cross (book 5), I really think A Breath of Snow and Ashes (book 6) and An Echo in the Bone (Book 7) have been awesome.  I am enjoying the end of the series more than I did the beginning, and that is really saying something.  Can't wait for the next book!


  1. No, you're not the only one to love Outlander....and yes, I have the same questions and demands of knowledge as you do.

    I really wish some of these characters were real, if only to oggle pictures of them lol

  2. I was so bereft after I read the last book that I immediately started reading them again. Did you know Outlander nerds call re-reading re-kilting?