Thursday, December 22, 2011

Any. Day. Now.

Mama says: Hi Henry.

Henry says: Hello...
Christmas 2011
Mama says: Are you ready for your cousin to be born?  It will be Any day now!
Christmas 2011
Henry says: I find it hilarious that you think you know ANYTHING about when Baby Girl is going to be born!

Mama says: No no, REALLY!  ANY. DAY. NOW!
Christmas 2011
Henry says:  Ahhh hahahaha!!  You... with your.... oh I can't breath.  You are funny Mama, thinking you know stuff.  You have been saying this for a MONTH!  I no longer believe you.

Mama:  Henry! Stop laughing at me!  I DO KNOW!  They are inducing her on MONDAY!  SO there!  I told you I know stuff.  Don't mock your mother.
Christmas 2011
Henry says: Wait, Monday?  Baby girl will be born on Monday??

Mama says: That's Right!  Aren't you so excited?  Cici will have a new little sister!
Christmas 2011
Henry says: Gotta go Mama.  Need to hide all my toys.

**As long as the birth mom doesn't go into labor on her own this weekend, Baby girl officially has an eviction date of December 26th.  What a wonderful late Christmas present.  We are SO excited.

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  1. YAY! How exciting! Both my niece and my friend's little girl were born on Boxing Day! Here's hoping the induction goes well xx