Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sisterly Updates of the Happier Variety

Well Missy and my parents had the conference call with the doctors up at the NIH and after meeting and discussing Missy's case the doctors decided that Missy does NOT need surgery right now!  This is such a blessing.  These surgeries are extremely difficult on Missy and come with a ton of terrifying possible complications, so avoiding surgery is the greatest news we could have possibly gotten today.

  What it basically comes down to is that although the growth of the tumor over the last eight weeks is alarming, the tumor is not extremely large.  Combine that with the fact that she is having no side effects from the tumor, and it makes them think surgery is not what she needs at this time.  There is the IV treatment that has not only prevented growth of this tumor but has actually shrank it a little in size, and they think the best treatment is to go with the medication first, then see where we are in a few weeks.

So they want her back on her IV meds.  Like first thing tomorrow.  She will do a treatment right away, then another in two weeks.  Two weeks after that she will go back to the NIH for another scan.  Hopefully it will show no new growth.  The option for surgery is still on the table at a later point, she is very strong and the tumor is operable, they just do not think the benefits out weight the risks as of today.  We are hoping this medicine continues to work and she does not need surgery any time soon!

Yay!!! (!!!!)   (!!!!!)

As for my other lovely sister, the birth mom went to the doctor today, but we have not had a report.  We are assuming no news means all is the same.  The child is holding out until 2012, I am telling you!

Thank you for all of your comments, emails, prayers and support of my sisters.  It means so much to me how you all embrace my entire family.  I will continue to keep you in the loop on Missy's treatments and our sweet Baby Girl!


  1. This is the best news today! Keeping Missy in my thoughts and prayer!

  2. That's great news; I know you all are so glad she does not have to have surgery! And that baby is probably going to come on my birthday - January 20th!!

  3. Great news! I hope the IV treatment will do what it is supposed to do. (and sorry for not commenting on your previous updates on Missy, you are all in my thoughts though!).

  4. That is great news about Missy not needing the surgery now.

    And sending good thoughts to your other sister as well.