Monday, July 7, 2014

A Family Filled 4th of July

My aunts hosted an amazing 4th of July party/family reunion this past weekend, and it was epic.  Like, fifty people in the back yard, swimming, horseback rides, tball, badminton,  horse shoes, croquet, giant water slides, karaoke kinda epic. 

Our family... we go a little party crazy sometimes. (and I love it!)
I took so many good pictures at this party, and yet sorta failed at getting the majority of the 50 guests actually photographed.  But you know who I DID snap pictures of?  
The kids
Shocking, right?
Also, I took lots of pictures of the horseback rides...
Because it's not every day a horse named Strawberry shows up to a party wearing a lei.
Aprils' first time on a horse!
Liz, feeling brave enough to go out without they guy carefully guiding the horse around the yard
Nick and Henry enjoyed watching everyone ride
Me and my dad
Me, Boo and Mom
A really good picture of Chris, Boo and Nick that I am jealous I am not in
Looking into the sun... picture taking fail
My Aunt Carole and Aunt Jan. Adorable sisters!
Standing around!
Baby tossing!
Birthday cake! (Happy birthday Aunt Carole!)
sneaky pictures of people being adorable
Dad and Boo
Mom and Carole
Jan and Tom
Hanging out in the pool

And sparklers again

And finally, some glow necklaces while we waited for fireworks :)

It was an awesome party full of awesome people. We are so lucky to be surrounded by so much loving family. 

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