Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Very Important Thoughts on the New Outlander Book, Written in My Own Heart's Blood

So after three years of waiting for it to come out, I finished the new Outlander book, Written in My Own Heart's Blood, in less than two weeks!  And as with the other Outlander books, this one is getting it's very own post in order to talk about all my thoughts and feeeeeelings.  If you haven't finished the book yet, or ever plan to read it, I suggest you stop reading now, because spoilers abound.

 Okay, so only the people who either are finished reading or don't mind hearing what happened still here?  Are you SURE?  Okay, let's do this, bullet style and in no logical order, just to stick with Outlander review tradition.

  • I have fallen completely in love with Ian and Rachel.  It makes me so happy how they make each other happy.
  • The entire part with Henri Christian broke my heart into a million trillion pieces and I could cry even just tying this.  It was difficult.
  • As the book was wrapping up, I SERIOUSLY wondered if this was going to be the last book.  I though it was when it first came out, then I was like 90% done and was like "NO WAY" but then, as the last few pages wound down, I really felt like it was the most wrapped up any of these books have ever been.  I hear there will be another and THANK GOD because I still have questions, but the ending scene with Bree and Roger coming up over the hill and them seeing them, and then running to them... yeah.  I am good to end on that note for the next four years.
  • Speaking of Bree and crew, I did NOT have enough of them in this book!  Not at ALL!  It would go AGES between updating their story!  I would have enjoyed a full 800 pages on just them!
  • How amazing was it that Roger found his dad?  And you have all read the novella about that, right?  Very cool.  
  • What is this about Bree being like, the chosen one or something?  I was confused on that part.  And at this point, wouldn't it actually be Jem?
  • How Creepy is Gillius?  
  • How sad was it when Jamie's dad saw Bree and though it was his wife and son?  My heart-BROKEN.
  • Rollo... oh Rollo.  You were such a good boy.
  • Lord John's eye grossed my out.
  • Poor William.  Can the fella not catch a break?  But when he went to Jamie to get his help, and Jamie went without question, I loved that!  I hope in future books they actually do get the chance to build a relationship.
  • I didn't ever really get Williams obsession with Jane.  I was a little afraid of her.  
  • I was confused about the point of bringing back the guy that raped Clair, just for it to be so quickly resolved.  
  • The battle where Clair was shot was SO INTENSE that it was hard for me to read.  JAMIE!  IAN! WILLIAM!  CLAIR!  I was so scared someone was going to die!
  • Same with all the stuff in present day with the crazy people hunting Bree's family.  AWFUL!  And then when they were running to the stones and the kids just ran through then came back?? WHAT THE HECK!
  • When Ian killed that guy by the fire?  I was glad he did it, because the last thing the man needs is a guy hunting him, but SERIOUSLY, that was ruthless.   
  •  I loved the Quaker wedding.
  • I loved how happy Jamie and Clair were to get back to the ridge.  It made my heart happy.
I loved absolutely everything about this book.  And I know I am forgetting stuff, because I flew through it, but I just loooooooved it all!   So have you read it?  What did you think?!?!  



  1. Ditto- loved it! Agree not enough of Bree et al. Definitely looking to a future book! Will you be watching the series in August?

    1. Oh yes, I will be watching! But I currently don't have Starz so will have to work out the details on HOW I will be watching between now and then :)