Monday, July 14, 2014

Ready or Not...( Ready. So Very Ready.)

Well, today is the day.  It's funny how when you start a new job every single thing about it seems like a perk. When I started working in my first environmental lab I thought the fact that I could wear jeans to work was the GREATEST THING EVVVVER!  Now I am absolutely thrilled that I can FINALLY dress nice for work, wearing dresses or skirts or whatever I want!  Who needs jeans, right?  DRESSES!  They are the next big thing. 

When I first started at the University I told anybody who would listen that the very best thing about my work was the fact that it was on the edge of campus with it's own parking lot, so like, no parking hassles, no walking, no problems at all!  Now, I am SO EXCITED to move to central campus.  Who wants to be ALL THE WAY over there on the edge when you can be right in the middle??  The middle is where it's at, really.  The parking garage is super close... no big deal, plus walking is EXERCISE!  I totally need that.  And the two flights of stairs I have to climb to get to my office, DOUBLE EXERCISE!  I will be so fit!  BEST JOB PERKS EVER!

I know soon enough this job will be a job.  There will come a day that I accept that yes, circling around in a parking garage is not exactly a perk.  While I expect to always love my office with a window and a nice view, I am sure there will be a time I go to climb the stairs in my heals (flats...come on) and give an involuntary sigh.  But after all the newness wears off I still think the rose colored glasses I am currently wearing when I think of the actual WORK will remain.  Looking beyond parking and outfits, what I am most excited about is the actual job.  Here's hoping that loving what I do will be the best perk of all.

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