Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Nerdiness Knows No Bounds...

Just in case you haven't seen, (WHAAAT? You don't ALL follow Mugglenet on Facebook??) JK Rowling released a short article on her website Pottermore where she talks about the gang (that's right, I said gang) as the adults they are now. (That's right, I said NOW.  Let me beeeelieve!).  It is an article written for the Daily Profit and is written in the snarky style of Rita Skeeter (Harry Potter lingo, parenthesis and nerdiness abound in this post!) and it just makes me SO. HAPPY.  And so I had to share, just IN CASE I have readers who are Harry Potter fans that count on my little blog to update them on anything Potter related. ( Again, let me beeeelieve!)

The new article lets us hear about everyone's jobs and their kids... nothing major, just little glimpses.  I would give you more details, but the write up is so short I highly suggest you just go to Pottermore and read it yourselves.  (You need an account, but WHO doesn't want a Pottermore account?  I can't even imagine...  )  Lots of the stuff has actually already been released in random tidbits over the years, but still, this is written by a character, so just for just a minute, it was a little bit of new Harry Potter, and that's awesome.  
Hello, old friends. 



  1. I saw it this morning! I've been in a Harry Potter tizzy all day :-)

  2. I just stopped everything I was doing to go find it. :-O