Friday, July 11, 2014

Before I Have a First Day, I Have to Have A Last

Today is my last day working with the College of Agriculture. Monday begins an entirely new and very exciting working chapter in my life, but for today I am just so incredibly thankful for my nine years in environmental research.  I had no plan to go into this field, but when I was offered a job as a biology analyst I snatched it up like it was nobodies business.  I worked in that lab for five years before switching over to the university to continue environmental work, while also considering maybe possibly taking a master's class or two...  That was over four years ago.

When I walked into this building a few days before I officially started to sign my new hire paperwork, I had an eleven month old baby on my hip.  He couldn't yet walk and was cruising around the office, clinging onto anything solid, grinning his toothy grin at anybody who stopped to smile.  In these four years he had grown from a baby on the edge of toddlerhood into a straight up little boy on the edge of kindergarten and beyond.  This job has been absolutely amazing with their willingness to bend over backwards to allow me to work while still being the best mother I could possibly be for him.  I will always be so grateful.

Over these last four years I have interviewed and been hired for three different positions in this building.  I have had the chance to work with so many amazing people and learn so many things.  I have made life long friends and could not have asked for a better group of people to spend these years with.  I was sitting in this building the day I found out Missy was sick, and the love and support that has poured over me through the most difficult time in my life have been moving beyond words.

Through ups and downs this place has become another home over these four years, and while I am excited to move into public health, I am also so very grateful for the time I have had here.  Four years... it can fly by, and at the same time sorta feel like forever. 

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