Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas at the Farm (#1)

My Aunts host an annual family Christmas at their house, but this year due to a sudden broken arm (when are broken arms not sudden?) the location moved to my parents.  Anyone who has been reading around here for awhile know that when people dress nice and show up at my parents house then I require them to take pictures in front of the fence. It's like family law.

It is harder than one might think to get three adult women on a fence.

But can you blame me?  How great are all of these?!
Also required, pictures of kids from behind.  Because I have addicted to them.
We eventually made it inside to take pictures with the rest of the family.  Here is Great Nana with three of her great grandchildren! Love this.
Nanny and Papaw with their grandbabies.  We will take something similar to this again on Wednesday but everyone will be in PJs because that's how we roll.
 My Aunts put on a good party, no matter where it's located :)
 Nana with three of her four kids
 Mark and April joined us a little too late to be in on the fence pictures but still so happy to get to see them
 Jan and Tom
Mom and Wesley with his new pillow pal Lambeau
 And finally one of my favorite pictures ever.  We have a picture of our parents on this couch from maybe 30 years ago.  SO lucky to have so much love in the room.

You were going to be seeing Santa pictures today, but I forgot to scan them.  Stay tuned, hopefully they will be posted tomorrow. (Just in the Nick of time!)


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