Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Worldwide Candle Lighting and #CandlesForMissy

While I try not to let my grief consume me, I will say that I miss her every single day.  Every. Single. Day.  Sometimes it takes my breath away if I really let myself focus on the fact that she is truly gone.  That it has been nearly two years since I have kissed her face and told her how much I love her.  This is a heartbreak that never goes away, never lessens with time.  It is just something you have to learn to get used to, and that it itself is heartbreaking as well.  I will never ever stop missing her from now until we are together again. 

Every year the Compassionate Friends group, which is a support group for people who have lost a child, organize a worldwide candle lighting at 7pm (local time) on the 2nd Sunday in December in honor of those who we have lost. This year the service will be on Sunday, December 14th.  This group has been so helpful to my parents and I am grateful for their support and love over the last two years. 

Last year I asked anyone who wanted to take part to please consider taking a picture of their candle and either sending it to me, or tagging it with the hashtag #CandlesForMissy so that I can could compile them here on the blog.  Your candle's do not  have to be for only Missy of course, this is about taking a moment to grieve all of those not with us during the holidays.  But if at least part of your candle is for Missy, please send it my way.  I cannot tell you how much they meant to our entire family last year

Your candles can be lit at home, as all of ours were last year, or you can find a local Compassionate Friends ceremony to attend.  If any of our friends and family would like to attend with us, please let me know and I will pass along the details of our local event.


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