Thursday, December 4, 2014

Staying Silent Feels Wrong, But I Have No Words

As I sat and watched the news last night I was left speechless.  And as yesterday rolled into today I have followed twitter and read every post I have seen linked on Facebook.  I am sick.  And I am so very sad.

My blog is small, and me posting yet again on racial inequality and the need for change doesn't really impact the masses.  But I feel like I should say something.  Anything at all.  If only for the purpose of joining the growing group of Americans of all races who are using their own platform to say something has to change.  Because really... something has to change.

While I may not be able to find words beyond these, please consider reading some of the posts by people who have found their voice.  Be educated in what is going on around you.  Stand up for what is right.

Tim Wise Pens Brilliant Editorial on Fergeson: "Most White American's Are Completely Oblivious"

The Stages of What Happens When there is Injustice Against Black People

For Tamir, Who Was Stolen


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