Friday, December 5, 2014

Under the Knife

So I am having oral surgery today to remove extra gum tissue. And while I realize you all might not exactly care, in the name of always-oversharing-blogging-disclosure-rules I feel like I should tell you about it. 

So I had this surgery back in like... I don't know, 2000?  I am getting awfully old.  that was 14 years ago.   Anyway, I had it when they took my wisdom teeth and it was a joyous event and I was very happy.  Then, slowly, the extra gum come back and I am now in need of RE-removing my extra gum tissue.  Because my body sucks. 

This time they are being a little more (MUCH MORE) thorough about it.  Last time they simply removed the gum by cutting a new gum line.  While that sounds awful, it surprisingly wasn't. 

This time... oh this time.  So, since the issue came back they know (believe?)  that this is an underlying bone issue.  So, they are... wait for it... "Peeling back the flap of my gum from molar to molar".  Yes.  And then, THEN they are "reshaping" my bone. (GRINDING OFF PART OF MY FREAKING FACE)

When I asked the doctor if this was like, done in a surgery center she laughed and was like, no it's in the office! So then I ask her what they do about the pain, and she was like "Well, we can give you Novocaine.  Sometimes that's all people need.  Espcailly if you want to drive yourself home."  And I was like "Really?  Lifting the gum flap and grinding bone only needs NOVOCAINE?  That doesn't sound right..."  And the she said "Well, if you want a little something stronger I can give you a sleeping pill which costs $10 or IV sedation, which is $200."

My surgery is in an hour and I am already confident that this may be the best $200 I have every spent.

After surgery I will have stitches across my top teeth PLUS bandages over the stitches.  The stitches and bandages stay on for 10 days.  I can't even begin to think of how that will work.  I might take a picture for the blog... but then again, I have to have limits somewhere.  This might be it.  



  1. Oh gosh it all sounds horrible, you poor, poor thing!! I do so hope that you've woken up from the sedation feeling far better than you expected too! Thinking of you xx

  2. My gosh, girl! When will all these surgeries stop?!

    Also, I'm 100% in agreement with you. I say pay the money. Why in the heck would God give people the ability to prevent pain and have us not take it???? :)


  3. $200 sounds like a STEAL! Heal fast.