Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Best of Bio Girl 2014

So here we are, the end of another year here at Bio Girl and time for another "Best of" posts. If I am being 100% honest, I feel like my blog is not what it used to be.  I am not sure when the change happened, maybe with my new job, maybe before then, but I feel like I rarely sit down and just write to write because I have a good story to tell.  I don't know what that means... has this blog run it's course, or do I simply need to rededicate myself to it?  I am really not sure.  For now, I know I am still happy to have it, and if I were to choose between those two options it would be more of a re-dedication vs. calling it quits.  But who knows, even if stays what it has been this year, I am happy to have it.  Looking back, there are some great memories captured in this year, even if there isn't as much great writing. 

Now, on that sorta depressing note, let's look at what think are the best posts of the year!  Per usual, we will do this bullet style.

  • Starting right off, I think I maybe did do a little bit of decent blogging after all!  This post about my pizza disaster still makes me laugh... 
  • I also like this post from last January talking about Henry's imagination
  • This is a post about how Henry sees his beloved Aunt Mimi in heaven, and it's how I now like to think of her until we are together again. 
  • And here is one about how sometimes home ownership can suck. 
  • March was a really busy month with my capstone defense and my hysterectomy.  There was plenty of blogging done in that time, but only one falling in the "best of category".  It's a short but sweet post about Henry. 
  • And here is one about taking a little extra time with him on the tball field. 
  • Here are a couple of posts about school, the first is about the differences of going to school as an adult, and the other is maybe not a literary masterpiece, but it has me GRADUATING, so it gets considered a "best". 
  • May brought #GreyForMissy , which is always a favorite but emotional time time around here, and will always be considered one of the best annual moments on the blog.
  • We also had Henry's 5th birthday, which... just click to be reminded of the amazingness of that party.  
  • June was packed full of vacations and a wedding, but I had time to write a couple of decent posts.  The first is another tball story and the second is about the rainbow that appeared over my parents house on Missy's birthday. 
  • July brought with it my new job, which is a highlight of the year. 
  • There were times this year where I did find a solid voice, and commonly they were on topics other that sharing our family picture or telling a funny story.  One was on Racial Inequality in America and another was on Robin Williams.  I am proud of both, and think they are worth reading and resharing. 
  • Man, there were lots of posts about Ellie this year, and that in itself hurts my heart.  It was all hard, and I will just share my last post on her, because I think it sums up our love the best. 
  • Through October and November I don't have many posts that stand out on blogging quality, but there are several that stand out as memories from the year, like Father-Daughter weekend, Henry losing his first tooth, my annual birthday weekend madness, Henry as Link for Halloween, our Slumber Party, and my trip to New Orleans... it was a busy couple of months.
  • Here is a short but sweet post about how much Henry loves his cousins.  
  • And a random and disturbing (to me) story about my recent oral surgery
  • December also brought with it the annual #CandlesForMissy post, which I love, and of course our annual Christmas video to wrap up the holidays. 

 And with that we wrap up the Best of Bio Girl 2014!  After reading through a lot of posts, it wasn't as bad of a blogging year as I thought.  All in all, not too bad at all!  Plus there are lots of other posts not included here that could go on a "Best pictures of Bio Girl" post.  I thought about making that post as well, but I think we have enough annual traditions at the end of each year around here.   I will be back tomorrow for the annual reviewing and renewing of my New Year's resolutions, so come back by if you want to see how I did! (Spoiler alert, not well...)


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