Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oh The Place's He'll Go...

We found out he will play t-ball for the Cubs this spring.

I got an email yesterday about signing him up for the Kindergarten portal in order to keep track of his grades, his attendance, his assignments once he starts school...

He loves to play with his friends and asks to go to their houses, like a big boy.

He constantly asks us to read things too him and talks about how one day soon he will be able to read things himself.  

The other day as we drove down the street he saw a girl riding her bike and he said "Look Mama, she's a kid, but she is outside... ALONE."  And when I looked at her, she couldn't have been more than few years older than my boy.

I am not sure where the time is going, but I would appreciate it if would slow down, just a little.


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