Thursday, March 6, 2014

Snow Day

**I think I have found a solution to the picture issue, which mainly requires me to give up on Flickr and to start using Google Pictures.  It works well and honestly I should have done it ages ago. I just hate change...**

So we have had a lot of snow here this winter.  I want to make some declaration like it's the snowiest winter in Kentucky's history, but I heard on the radio the other day that that is not even close to true.

But if feeeeeels like it's true.  I don't remember a winter where there were so many days with snow on the ground.  Not that it doesn't snow here, it does!  We get like, two or three snows a year.  Enough to make us fee like we have winter, but not enough to actually make us LIVE in it.

So we have had snow after snow, and each time I think "maybe we should take Henry outside to play in it..." and then I don't.  Because... snow, man.  It's like, cold.  And you have to put on all those layers... and... just.  Let's watch a movie instead.

But THEN we woke up Monday morning to find out that not only had it snowed, but it had snowed SO MUCH that the University was closed!  Nick and I HAD A SNOW DAY TOO!!!

Bundle Up Kiddo.. we are GOING OUTSIDE

Snow Angling it up. LIKE A CHAMP.

The snow wasn't good snowman snow, but WE ARE OUTSIDE.  So Papa did a little improvising on what could be built out of a large mound of driveway snow...

GOOMBA.  (My family is addicted to Nintendo)

It took us until March, but turns out we enjoyed playing in the snow

 Our Goomba is proud.


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  1. Your Goomba is awesome!! Over here we don't get much snow so when we do we ALWAYS go out and play ;)