Friday, March 21, 2014

Still Here, Still on the Mend

Hello. I am here. Just laying around the house healing and what not.

I realized yesterday that I have literally not left my house in a week.  I don't think I have even stepped outside.  That's INSANE.  And what is more insane is that it's not driving me insane.

When they said I needed two to three weeks off work for recovery, then back at light duty for at least two additional weeks, I was skeptical.

Never fails to make me laugh

But turns out these medical professionals know what they are talking about. The actual pain from surgery is MUCH BETTER.  But I am still so easily tired.  Like, I did about three hours of homework yesterday.  I didn't shower or anything before, just sat at the computer and worked.  And when I was done I was EXHAUSTED.  Like, required a three hour nap exhausted.

Beyond the healing and my body rebelling and making me sleep deal, things are pretty good.  I am having pain on my lower left side similar to what was there before the surgery, which is upsetting but I am giving my body time to heal before I freak out about it.  It honestly seems to be improving over these last couple of days.

I am also starting to have symptoms from the lack of hormones.  My hot flashes, which I was already having from the Lupron, have definitely kicked up a notch.  I am also slightly (more than slightly) emotional, and I am thinking that is hormone related.  I have cried during every movie I have watched on break.  I cried when we couldn't find caterpillar, I cried when he was found.  I have teared up several times watching basketball and watching the nightly news... I mean SOME of these would have happened anyway (I LOVE A GOOD BASKETBALL GAME!) but I am giving some credit to my hormones being out of whack.

Family and friends have been amazing.  We are so blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.  I have seriously not had to worry about food, childcare, cleaning, school, work, ANYTHING!  It's amazing. And I would feel guilty, except it turns out I really needed this help.  So I am feeling nothing but grateful.

And there I go, crying again.

So that's it. I am still laying around.  Getting better every day.  It's just taking a little time.


  1. You take it easy - you've had a big operations and the recovery will take a long time!! Now trying to get on your feet too soon... you don't want to push yourself and risk scar tissue creating adhesions!!! Sleep, rest and let people look after you. I agree it is very telling that it isn't driving you insane, although I know it can drag sometimes. I hardly left my bed for over 3 months when pregnant - but you do what you have to do to get better :)

    I am so glad you have lots of support around you, that makes it all so much easier. And I am sorry to hear you are still having pains which are worrying to you, but hopefully they will ease. I am still thinking of you lots xx

  2. I had a Hysterectomy last summer at 29. You are right, the crying is from the hormones. I cried at the drop of a hat, complete uncontrollable crying over something as minor as a scheduling issue. It was almost embarrassing. But then I remembered the same advice I'm going to give to you, which is to give yourself TIME. It took months (about 7) for me to really get over the bone-deep fatigue. I took it really easy for 2 months as far as lifting/twisting/straining etc, trying to avoid adhesions and scar tissue as much as possible because I am a super-champ at making scar tissue.
    I also still had nagging abdominal pain after I was cleared by my surgeon, and he suggested pelvic physical therapy. I went, even though I looked it up beforehand and it sounded awkward and weird. Well, guess what, it was awkward and weird and it helped. My abdominal muscles were so out of whack after 5 surgeries and so much constant pain. I needed to retrain my abs and back to work together to support me, and the massage during the PT sessions really helped to loosen muscles that were locked in spasm and relieved a lot of my lingering pain. It helped that I had a great and very personable Physical Therapist who lessened the awkward for me. I truly would recommend looking for one in your area or asking your Dr. for a referral.
    I wish you well and I'm so glad you have so many wonderful helpers stepping up for you.

  3. Thinking of you as you continue to heal!

  4. Love you, Sarah. Thinking of you every day!