Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Watching the Clock

Thanks for all of your kind words about my upcoming surgery. You all always know how to make a girl feel better.

Pain wise, I am actually feeling worse and worse. (Not what you wanted to hear, right?)  It's strange because between the Lupron and the IUD I should actually have NO symptoms of endo right now, and yet... DEAR GOD WHAT IS THIS PAIN AND MISERY.  This pain is shooting through my left side, which oddly enough is the side without an ovary.  It radiates through my back and shoots down my leg and it's toe curlingly painful, even when I take pain medication.  

So that's where I am at.. jealous?  But there isn't much more to say on it.  I hurt, so I am having surgery.  And I am constantly watching the clock waiting for that surgery to arrive.  It's sorta depressing.

Want to see pictures from the weekend to lighten the mood?

I took Henry to the park on Sunday.  I wasn't feeling well, but he LOVED being outside.  I think it was good for us both actually...

Matt came into town this weekend and he and Nick spend the entire time playing video games.  It was like we went back in time ten years, but they both had a blast, which makes me happy.

Matt came bearing gifts for the boy, and he knows the way straight to his heart... a Lego Movie Lego Set.  Well done sir.



  1. Oh Sarah, I'm so sorry you are in so much pain!

    I've had a Mirena for years and I do not get the intensity of pain I used to... but I still get the tugging sensation around my left ovary (yet it is always my right ovary that is a mess - "referred pain" apparently!), the stabbing pain where I daren't mention (!) and just the awful bowel problems I've had since my first laparoscopy in 2005. To be honest since 2005 when I had my first Mirena the pain has never been as bad as it was pre-diagnosis. And yet despite that "lack" of pain (I'm still in pain, but it is totally manageable) and the lack of periods, and 2 fake-menopauses, I still had Stage 3 Endo in 2008 when I went back for surgery and I think I'm at that point again now.

    Why am I telling you all this? Because I wanted you to know that with Endo sometimes nothing follows what is "should" do. So just because you think you shouldn't be in this pain because of the IUD and Lupron, doesn't mean you actually aren't. I hope that makes sense in some weird, roundabout sort of way. Even I'm a bit confused now... I think what I basically mean is forget what should or shouldn't be happening and just focus on getting through to Thursday and having the hysterectomy.

    I am thinking of you so much xoxox

  2. Sorry to hear you are in so much pain honey. We'll be thinking of you constantly and praying for your safe and pain free recovery. CK and I love you dearly. Continue taking care of yourself. We'll see you soon.

  3. Thinking about you and sending lots of good thoughts!