Monday, March 31, 2014

Get Your Updates Here...

Hello, hello.

 All is well.  I did manage to attend my research conference last Thursday:

Not too shabby for two weeks post hysterectomy, right??  I am showered, clean and wearing a dress! (Dress was required because I still am avoiding any sort of pants with a button).  Everyone seemed to really like my research, so that was exciting!  (PS.  Jenn- I am so happy you want to read my capstone! I need you to email me at biogirl79 at gmail dot com (because your comments do not have an email attached) and I will send it to you!)

It went really well, but was extremely exhausting.  It's hard for me to know my limits, or maybe it's hard for me to respect them, but I am trying.  I want to jump back into life, but also don't want to do anything that will set back my recovery time or cause some sort of long term scar tissue damage, so I am still trying to take it easy.

I finally got to see my doctor on Friday and talking with him about my trip to the ER was MUCH more comforting.  He seemed to think it did have something to do with the remaining endo or possible scar tissue tearing away.  He did respect the fact that I was saying I was in pain, and never belittled it or acted like it was nothing.  We both agreed that since things seemed to be improving, it was okay to just keep going with the current plan of resting, no lifting, and generally taking it easy.

After talking he did request that I attempt to stay off any type of hormones for the next 6-12 months, rather than just two months.  Apparently I am a prime candidate for having issues with endometriosis even after a hysterectomy, and he said the best way to prevent that is taking an extended break to allow it to all die away.  I am still having pain on that left side, and he said he wants to see if we can get rid of that, which is still caused by the endometrisis.  He said I may always have lingering pain there, but that the longer I stay off hormones, the better it will be.

So... Yeah.  Six months. Or a year.  The hot flashes and night sweats are already a joy. 

Beyond that, I am back to work today, so that's pretty big.  Just doing half time for part of this week, and light duty for a month, so I am easing back in.  Honestly, it's going really well, all things considered! 

Today is also Nick's birthday, and I am happy to celebrate him and his awesomeness.  I am so very lucky to have him.

Happy birthday, husband.  You are very loved.



  1. You are doing so well, I can't quite believe how much you're already doing! Do take it easy and try to respect those boundaries while you heal!! I know it is hard, though xoxo

    Happy Birthday to Nick :) hope you have fun celebrating in some way!

  2. Also... I just wanted to say how much it sucks that even after hysterectomy Endometriosis can still affect you :( and that the only way to limit this is to go 6-12 months without any kind of hormonal therapy. Thinking of you while you go through all that!!