Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Blogger and Flickr Hate Me


IF you all knew how hard I have been working to post one stupid simple little blog post this week, you would all feel really sorry for me.... and now you know, because I am telling you. So FEEL SORRY FOR ME! And be sad for yourselves because you are missing out on some adorable pictures.

Is anybody else having an issue with flickr images no longer being compatible with Blogger? Apparently it has something to do with them changing their embedded images to iframes? I don't even know what that means, but IT IS KILLING ME. Do any bloggers actually use Flickr anymore? Or Blogger for that matter? Can ANYBODY HELP ME? I just want my blog to work. That's all.

I am currently installing Picasa on my computer, since it's run by Google and I figure it should work as long as Blogger works, but this is a HUGE PAIN IN MY ASS because I have used flickr for the last five years. FIVE YEARS OF PHOTOS. Store and embedded from one site that now no longer works.

So, a few questions for the people who know things about stuff:

-How big of a mistake is it to install Picasa without even looking into it? Will I regret this until the end of days?

-Can you fix my flickr problem so I can keep operating in my comfort zone?

-Do you suggest any photo sharing sites that are better/more reliable than Flickr or Picasa for sharing photos on a blog?

 It's days like this that make me want to hang up my blogging shoes.

 Not really.

But sorta.

I would end with a picture here, BUT I CAN'T.

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