Thursday, January 1, 2015

Resolutions 2015 - Reviewing and Renewing

Happy New Year Everyone!  We had an extremely laid back new years eve this year and it was awesome. 

During the day Henry's best friend from school came over to play and they had a blast.

For dinner we met up with Cici and her family for some fun at Gatti Town, then they headed to a movie and we headed home to ring in the new year as the three of us. 
Mama insisted on a selfie... these two put up with me well.


So on the the resolutions... I must go ahead and admit I didn't do too hot with meeting my 2014 resolutions.  Part of this I blame on choosing the wrong things to focus on.  If I had picked "Get great new job" or "Present research at a conference" or "Take care of endometriosis problem by having a complete hysterectomy" I would have knocked it out of the park.  Instead I went with diet and exercise which... I should have known better. 

Anyway, let's do a real review:

1. Move more. Um... Nope.  I mean, I had moments where I focused a little on moving, but mostly I failed at this one pretty miserably.  I am tempted to put it back on my list this year, but I do learn from my mistakes.  While I hope I pick up this habit, I am not ready to list it as a resolution two years in a row.

2. Lose Weight (and keep it off). Ahhh hahahaha. Nope.  Between the hysterectomy and the new job where I mostly sit all day I would say I have profoundly failed at this goal.  Once again, it could go on the list again this year, but I am changing up my thinking on resolutions and keeping anything body image related off the list.

 3. Graduate with my MPH. Heck yeah I did that!  And with flying colors.  I like that I put something that was definitely going to happen on my list.  Makes me feel go to check it off :)

4. Reduce the amount of time looking at my phone and be with who I am with. Hmmm.. I am going to give myself a soft pass (half a star) on this.  When I think about it, I do think I have made a conscious effort to not look at my phone as much throughout the year, and yet I still struggle with being distracted with technology and/or work related things when I am at home.  So, better, but not yet where I want to be. But when should you not be aware of making your family a top priority?  

5. Read 35 Books. Yes!  By the skin of my teeth, and with a little graying of the lines to count a couple of "rereads" as books read this year and a couple of novellas, but WHATEVER.  I AM TAKING THE STAR. 

So, for 2014 that gives me 2.5/5  Not my best effort.

Now on to my goals for 2015!

1. Take Henry to Disney World- We have been talking about this for a couple of years and we are really planning to do it this year.  It will hopefully be an easy star to get, but that's okay.  It is a major goal so it's on here.

2. Be aware of charitable giving- Up until this year we have been sporadic at best when it comes to charitable giving.   With my new job we have a little more leeway financially and I don't want to let our money just slip away without consciously thinking of ways to help others. 

3. Read 20 books- This is actually quite a drop from years past, but I want to set a reasonable goal that doesn't distract me from my family.  I used to have more time to read at work while on breaks, but that doesn't currently happen, so my reading time has suffered.  Still, I like setting a reading goal, so 20 it is.

4. Get over my fear of public speaking - I am going to hope this is another one that should be achieved based on my plans for the year, but it is still a MAJOR GOAL of mine, so I am listing it.  In two weeks I will be standing in front of 130 students twice a week until May.  It's sink or swim.

5. Have my research published- Again, hopefully this is an easy one since I have my capstone currently out for review and this is a huge part of my new career, but it will be a big milestone for me to see my name officially in print in a peer reviewed journal. 

And that's it!  We will revisit these January 1st, 2016 and see how I did.

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  1. Whoo way to go you! I would say that with your hysterectomy you can totally count those first two points as null and void anyway, because who would expect to move more and lose weight when going through major surgery?! Give yourself some slack there :)

    You did amazingly at the others - go you!!!

    I've actually decided to set some goals this year, but they are totally easier than yours, so just know that you set high goals (and achieve them!) so even if you don't quite reach 5 stars, you are doing amazing!!