Monday, January 5, 2015

Back to the real world... (LOOK! A random picture post!)

Welp, it's Monday and our family Christmas break has officially come to an end.  Last night Henry came to get into our bed around 1am and I for some reason thought he was a ghost (True story) and FLIPPED THE F OUT.  Like....BAD.  But in my defense, ghosts are terrifying.  I started sorta screaming and tried to get out of bed but was covered in blankets so I was just sorta flailing around wildly... it was...not my best moment.  He had to say "MAMA!  IT'S JUST ME!" and finally I fully woke up and realized I was an idiot, but it took at least an hour for my heart to calm down and for me to fully fall back asleep. This morning He and Nick had a great time acting it out about five times before we left for school.

Anyway, 5:45am came extremely early this morning and it is taking a little bit for me to get back into the normal swing of things, so how about we look through the pictures on my phone to see how the break went?  That sounds like an easy exciting blog post!

 An excellent start.  What says Christmas break better than Scooby Doo pajamas and glare reducing night time shades??  (FYI:  Glare reducing night shades DO NOT WORK.  They just turn everything yellow.  They do look pretty cool though...)
Total Star Wars Christmas destruction.  Nothing to salvage here... move along

Ah yes!  I got this bag!  Feel free to be jealous.
Not at all sure what happened here... also, my walls are not really that green.
Post holiday shopping at CVS... my hand was there for reference on size so I could ask Nick if we needed this.  He never replied so I didn't buy it.  I have no regrets.
Notice how all the marbles are hanging out around the orange hippo... something doesn't seem fair here.

This post is just awful.  But it's done.  And I can't bring myself to delete it, so... Happy New Year!  There is nowhere to go but up in 2015...


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