Friday, January 30, 2015

Hello There

Oh look, it's already Friday.

Time these days...

I was going to write a long and extremely interesting (boring) post about this article I read on NPR about how scientist have extremely different opinions on things such as climate change, GM foods, vaccines, and evolution.  It was going to be thrilling and I was positive it was going to go viral.  Then I realized I do not have time for that, so... you know, if you are interested go read the article.  The general sum of my long winded thought would have been "Spend time reading about things you believe.  Look for the real research being done, not just the sound bites.  Read both sides of the story.  Be informed about the world around you and do not let politics and propaganda drive what you believe." It is something I am teaching my students right now, and I think it is one of those quality life lessons everyone should hear from time to time.

Aren't you sad I didn't write the entire post??

In other news, life is a little crazy right now.  All in a really good way, but just crazy.  I am continuing to love the teaching part of my job, which is a bonus.  I feel like I am not home enough, which is a minus.  I am trying to pick Henry up from school early (as soon as school gets out, not like, pulling him out of school... obviously) at least one day a week and just be around him while I work from home.  I am amazed at what a cool person he is becoming, and I just want to soak him in.  We are eating out constantly and my house is a disaster.  Is this how normal people live??  I have no idea. We signed Henry up for spring tball (I know it's January, but sign up started in like, NOVEMBER) and he had his 100th day of kindergarten.  We all got hair cuts last night and ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. 

All is well. 

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  1. I, for one, am gutted you didn't write that planned post. Seriously. I wish I could come to your classes, they sound awesome!

    As for crazy, busy... yeah I think most working parents have times when they feel like home is a "disaster" because there are just way too many other things demanding their time. It's hard!! But, don't beat yourself up about any of it (says she who is the worst for that!)