Thursday, January 8, 2015

That's One Way To Get In A Building...

So over break Boo and I painted my office at work. I had been wanting to do it since I started, but time never really worked until I had two uninterrupted weeks of nothing (besides... you know, the holidays).  So after Christmas the two of us went to Home Depot to get a gallon of paint.  Originally I had planned to paint the entire office man, it's heavy.  And FOUR walls?  Just, why?  So before we went I had already down scaled my expectations into one little accent wall.  The entire event should have been no big deal, really.  Definitely not worthy of it's own blog post.   But then...

Let's start at the beginning.

So when we got to campus we parked at a meter because I was an idiot who forgot my parking pass.  Technically campus was closed so they might not have noticed or cared (likely) BUT tickets are $25 and that seems a silly thing to waste money on.  So we parked at a meter, put in some change, and carried our painting supplies up the two flights of stairs to my office.  We then got everything set up and ready; stuff moved, paint open and in trays, ... I guess that's it.  It doesn't take a lot of prep to paint one wall.  But at that point we realized we should go back and address the meter issue before we got rolling.  As we walked out of my office I thought, "Do I need anything?  Nah!  I can just leave the office unlocked!" and we left the building.  Meter attended to, we returned to the building to stare at the locked outside door and remembered my keys on my desk on the third floor.

So you can picture it, the front of my building looks like this.
(picture taken in summer when being locked outside would have been pleasant)

As we looked at the door it hit me that I didn't even have my phone, therefore I had no contact with the one other person I knew was in the building. Luckily Boo had hers so I borrowed it and went to work trying to work out how to get a hold of someone to let us in.  As soon as I took the phone Boo said "Hey, that window is cracked open..."

I looked at it and the one inch opening and was like "Um, that is like five feet off the ground! We can't get up there.  Let me see if I can get a hold of someone"

I looked down at her phone to work out what to do next and  FIVE SECONDS LATER I hear "Um... I am sorta in...."  and I look up to find this:

I realize I already showed this picture, but... I just... want to show it again.  Because WHO SCALES A WALL A SHIMMIES THROUGH A WINDOW FIVE FEET OFF THE GROUND?   With NO help at all!  I didn't give the girl a boost or anything.  She just spidermanned up the brick!  Next thing I know she had slid into the empty classroom, unlocked the door and let me in.

Boo... she is worth knowing.  And I am so glad I took this picture rather than like, BE HELPFUL because it will forever and always make me laugh.

As for my office, it is coming together rather nicely!  I still need to hang some stuff on the walls, but I am extremely pleased with my accent wall.

This is the other side of the room, including my desk area, if you are interested where I send my days. (Hi mom)


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