Thursday, January 15, 2015

Now It's Official

So we are trying to get everything ready to head to South Carolina and celebrate Mawmaw's amazing life and legacy, but I wanted to quickly swing by here and mention that, as of today at 12:30pm, I am OFFICIALLY teaching at a University. 

I mean, it's been pretty official for a long time now, but still.  STILL.  This was different.  Today I walked into this classroom:

 And stood all the way down there in the very front of 147(!!!!) people and took control of my very own class.
My view prior to having students sitting there.  I felt it might be frowned upon to take a picture of the students for my blog. 

All in all it went really well.  I felt... smart?  comfortable?  Like I can do this and at least NOT pass out or have a panic attack??  (That's the one.) 

In an odd way I enjoyed it, and that was both a relief and a little bit of a surprise.  I look forward to standing here twice a week for the rest of the semester, and that's a big step.  The students seemed to like it as well, so that's something, right? I did work in a Harry Potter image:

I want to believe that helped win them over, but it was on the last slide.  STILL, now they know I am a nerd awesome. 


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  1. Yay! Way to go, Sarah! Doesn't surprise me a bit that it went well.