Monday, January 12, 2015

Adventures in Otterville

Otterville is a real place. I bet you read this title and thought you were getting some sort of made up story about an otter, right?


Welcome to the best kept secret of... I don't know, Kentucky?  Is it even a secret? Did everyone know about Otterville besides myself?

Also, I am not really sure it's a "best kept secret".  I mean, we loved it.  LOVED IT! And it cost $7 for Henry to get in and was FREE for adults, which seems logical but if you go to many children's places you will find that is not always the case. (I AM LOOKING AT YOU EXPLORIUM).  But it was also sorta random.  Like, we walked in and there was a faded Rugrats banner.  That's right.


How long has Otterville been around??  I am not at all apposed to the Rugrats, I was just surprised to see them.   But decorations do not matter, what matters is the place, and we found the place extremely enjoyable!
They had a ball pit and large play land inside, which was extremely enjoyable for the kiddos.  They also had a BALL SANITIZER (which they smartly turned into a game so the kids sent the balls down the shoot to be cleaned... genius), which made me really happy and not so panicy about letting them play in the plague pit....
But beyond the play land and ball pit there was JUST SO MUCH TO DO.
 And honestly, I didn't do a great job capturing pictures of this, but there were water tables, dress up rooms, a play grocery store, face painting, a construction area with a conveyor belt and giant legos, a ballet studio, a mail room...
And once you had the mail every other room had mailboxes so you could deliver and pick up the mail...
They loved it.  And we were there for over four hours and they were NOT ready to leave.  All in all, a win for a random Saturday in January.  (They also have an entire outside area with a pond to fish in, a train to ride and an outside play land area. Of course, we were there when it was like ten degrees so we skipped that part)

So, I guess the point is, if you live anywhere near the Covington/Cincinnati area I suggest Totter's Otterville. When you first get there you will be concerned with why you let me talk  you into this, but then your kids will have a blast and you will tell me thank you.

In other random news, I decided to bring my new Go Pro camera with me instead of my real camera (hence the cell phone pictures stolen from Boo's facebook page).   I managed to take no real videos on my own but did send Henry into the playland with the camera, because why not.

I give you parenting with a Go Pro... If the camera had feelings (a la Toy Story) I feel like my Go Pro would give a deep sigh at the life he could have had.  Actually, I think my fitbit might feel the same way.

(Also, for the record, I had the camera in the waterproof case, which is why it sounds like it is in an air tight box.  It is. Lesson Learned. )

(Also again, look out Matt .... Henry may be putting in an application with the family business sometime soon)

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