Thursday, July 5, 2007

Damn Lightning....

Last night was Tarp and Jim's 4th of July was really amazing! I have tons of pictures that I will post up here so you all can see how completely adorable we all were in our white! This post will be done as soon as I get a new computer...that's right folks. I must buy a new computer.

We were getting ready to walk out the door to go to the party (totally decked out in white from head to toe, including my rockin' white shades) and the rain started. I'm not going to was seriously bad. I mean, a down-pour. I was a little obsessed with being as on time as possible, so I am all like, "let's GO!! A little rain won't hurt us!" Nick then says, "It is really lightning out there! I think we should wait a few minutes." Boo and I are like, "How dumb...what are the chances we are going to get struck by lightening??" and at that EXACT moment, a HUGE bolt of lightning came down and struck our street right in front of our house. Seriously. We SAW the bolt striking the ground. So....maybe the chances were kinda good we could get struck by lightning in a lightning storm....Nick is once again a genius.

Anyway, we then decide it might be a good idea to wait out the storm a little. We are all sitting there and Chris says, I think a tree might be on fire. I smell smoke! We walk into our office and my computer is totally smoking! No joke. I guess the lightning fried it. The crazy thing was that our power didn't even go out. It just got the precious, precious computer. *sigh*

We unplugged everything and went to the anything would keep us away from there! Now we just need to report the strike to the insurance (my god how long will it take to get the claim made?!?!) and then buy the new computer...a new computer does sound nice, but the amount of stuff we lost is honestly sickening. We had some stuff backed up, but not enough...not nearly everything. My pictures, my much is just gone. Nick is going to see if we can get anything out of the hard drive, but I am not getting to excited. There was smoke...not a great sign. I am not sure when I will be able to post from home again, but I will get on and post from my sisters as much as possible...don't forget about me! I swear I will be back!


  1. Tormenta

    Paso a paso, como llovizna de abril,
    mi saliva se va quedando
    en cada poro de tu piel.
    Y en la horcadura
    donde emana la vida
    se riega mi simiente,
    liberando una tormenta
    de placer y de gloria,
    acto seguido… la calma

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  2. So it seems you have fans in Colombia. How interesting. Can you read what Victor said?

    So sorry to hear about your computer. What a drag to lose so much stuff. Your computer person (Nick?) MIGHT be able to save some stuff off the hard drive. Depends on how bad it's fried. Good Luck!!

  3. Just give a librarian a challenge. I dare you. Here's the translation from Babelfish. Uh, Ooooookay.

    Step by step, like April drizzle, my saliva is remained in each pore of your skin. And in the horcadura where it emanates the life waters to my simiente, releasing a storm of pleasing and glory, immediately afterwards... the calm ********************************************** I share east poem with you. You found more in blog Víctor González Solano Barranquilla. Colombia

  4. And now a REAL comment. At least, the lightning fried yours. Vicki and I took a computer class one time where we had to take apart and put together a computer. We put it together, turned it on and smoke rolled out. Our instructor was not happy with us.

  5. Yay, Nick saved your life!!
    Damn pity about your computer!! I'd be totally bummed!!

  6. How funny in the spanish poem...Looks like they like me...really like me!

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