Saturday, July 7, 2007

Not Exactly Lucky...

July 7th 2007...7-7-7 ...luckiest day of the century?? Not exactly. Candice, Boo and I were at Boo's house today getting ready for the yard sale next weekend. We came in through the garage and rather than go drop everything in the house we just sat everything down and got to work. We didn't want to get the dogs all worked up. The yard sale was not open...we were just working on getting it ready.

SO... the three of us came in to grab some junk. We were not in for long...not long at all. We just grabbed some crap and headed back outside. The ENTIRE time we had been working on set-up not one person had walked up and tried to buy anything, so we never though about leaving someone out to watch over everything. When we walked back out there were people shopping. What the hell? Does this look organized to you? You just come walking up to a random garage and start digging? Whatever...make an offer...we will take your money!

I look over and notice Boo's prescription sitting out. I grab it and run it into the house, and go to grab my phone. Wait...where is my phone?? In my purse. Where in my purse. Shit. That's right people...MINE AND BOO's PURSES WERE STOLEN!!! My coach purse, coach wallet, coach wristlet, coach calendar (yes, I have a problem) both our cell phones, $200 in cash (not to mention the mountain of change in my wristlet...yes I care), $200 in gift cards...needless to say we are pissed. We have called the police, and the insurance company...and the credit cards. Just kill me now....this is most definitely NOT the luckiest day of the century...except for the thieves...they had a REALLY lucky day...bastards!


  1. OH MY GOSH! That is awful. I'm so sorry you and Jenn lost so much. I understand the Coach thing, it is a goal of mine to own ONE!! (Just one people, a classic brown hobo bag.) I hope everything turns out ok and you make TONS of money at the yardsale. Sorry :(

  2. So sorry to hear the assholes nailed you. I'm with the Arabs on this one: thieves should have the hand that did the stealing cut off. Keeps them from doing it again. I hate thieves. I mean I really hate them.

  3. That is awful!!!!!! Sorry you all are going through that...


  4. AARRGGGHH!! Don't you just hate the violated feelings you get when somebody steals YOUR possesions!!
    But, Karma will get back at the thieves eventually...

  5. Oh, that's awful!! I had my wallet stolen in college and what a pain it is to get everything replaced!! I can't believe someone was that ballsy. You could have walked out at any minute!!!!