Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter Mania

I honestly cannot believe that tonight at midnight I will have the very last Harry Potter book in my hands. I am not sure I could ever make it clear on my blog exactly how important this is to me....I keep talking about the growing excitement at work and Tarp keeps saying, "I just can't believe you love it this much!" Well Tarp, I do. I LOVE it....I love it as much as I have ever loved any book, tv show or movie.... maybe as much as I have loved any non-living thing (maybe tied with my Alf doll...but trust me, there is a lot of love there!).

I have 100 pages of the sixth book to finish up before the release. I did not have time to reread the entire series. I realized I was running out of time and ended up skipping book five after I went to see the movie last week(yes, yes, I know it is missing a lot, but I have read it many times before and know that book by heart). The movie, by the way, I went to see two times in two days and I thought it was by far the best movie in the series so far. As I dove back into the detailed story that all six books contain, I became more and more excited for the release. Small things that I had forgotten came back to me, the clear reality of the world that JK Rowling has managed to is honestly amazing. If you have never read the series, you should really give it a try. Could all the people waiting in line at midnight for a book all really be wrong?

Tonight for the release there is a group of us going out to the Pub for dinner (how very British of us...) and then a party at Joseph Beth Booksellers. It is where we have been for the release of the last two books, and I would never want to go anywhere else. I know you can get the book at Walmart or Miejers and there will be no line, but it takes some of the fun out of it for me. I love seeing the people all dressed up (I will be sporting my HP t-shirt...the one I wore to our audit the other day that happened to land on the day the movie came out. The shirt is not blatantly Harry Potter...only a real fan would notice it. On the front it says "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good" and on the back it says "Mischief Managed". One of the auditors came it, and said "Oh man, I bet you are excited about tonight..but not nearly as excited as you will be next Friday!" I just looked at him, totally confused, and he said "Your shirt!!"....yep, there are Harry Potter fans everywhere! Tarp was amazed). I love being there in line with all the other people who love the story like I do...the other people who just couldn't wait until the morning to get their copy of the very last Harry Potter book that will ever come out!

So, I will be off the computer until I am finished reading it. Once the book comes out there will be too much out there that could totally spoil it for me. I have waited way to long to have the end taken away from me early. I really don't think I will be gone long, I am planning on having the book done in a day or two....and as soon as I am done I will open it back up and read it again...just in case I missed something! Hope all the other fans out there are as excited as I am!


  1. Sarah- I know you are going to be very disappointed with me, but I must confess...last week I went to see the new HP movie (with my uber-HP-obsessed BF) and fell ASLEEP 20 minutes in and slept through the whole thing. Ooops. I have also yet to make it through a book. AND...I love to read.

  2. Oh mandy, this is so sad! Have you seen the other movies? Not sure that it would be as good if you had no clue what had already happened...(the reading thing...I am speachless...) I did hear the uber-fan really liked the movie though!