Wednesday, July 18, 2007

One More Thing....

As if I haven't had enough crap happen to me as of insurance adjuster has just left my house. remember that hail storm I was talking about here? Well, it turns out that lots of people around the neighborhood have been getting new roofs due to the storm. I really didn't think we had any damage, but then I heard what the damage looks like....sand coming out of your gutters? check. Bubbling up of your shingles? check. Gutters looking a little worse for wear? check.

Anyway, I went ahead and gave the old insurance company a call (second one in a month due to the computer fiasco...sure they love me) and had them come take a look. Good thing I did. As it turns out, we need our entire roof and all of our gutters replaced! Now, as random good timing, we were honestly about to do this anyway. With the addition we are having to totally redo half the roof, and Nick and his dad were just going to go ahead and replace at least the entire back half. Looks like now we will just be doing it all...and on the insurance companies tab. I just hope we don't have any water damage what with the storm being two months ago and everything....just one more thing on my list.

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